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last post of the year? (and on this account). I think I’ll be creating a new account in the new year and starting from scratch so look out for my new account on my story! :))

excuse this poor excuse of a spread that doesn’t even fit in with my theme because lighting smh

lowkey want to archive all my previous posts, but i may do that in the New Years because new bujo and a new year so new me (smh as if, I’m still going to be a little procrastinating shiz). But I cut my hair above my shoulders and I’ve never really cut it that short so I feel a bit weird whoops

I hope everyone’s doing well, if you ever need someone to talk to my dms are always open (disclaimer: I’m not good at comforting or giving advice, but I can listen to any rants :)). But I’m back from the hiatus, I probably won’t be as active as before but since I feel much better and I don’t cry all the time I think I can return x

just another closeup ~

this is a bit blurry but oh well what can you do¿ ahh but it was freezing cold today and I still froze despite wearing several layers smh


just a little imfact spread ^^ but it snowed in London for like the first time in 4/5 years like damn && time for a new theme :))

it’s time to say goodbye to this theme for now :)) I’m changing my background to a white top and the filter will be different as well (not a drastic change though) ^^
🎶kream - wings

*insert caption I’m too lazy to write lmao*

ugh I hate being ill :(( but I have an English literature mock exam on Tuesday which is great because I’m not prepared :)) && yes a filter change again but hopefully for good this time 🎶myname - hello & goodbye

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