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maria s | omnivoreadventure  🎎 @dewewin Darwin W 🐶 Tiffany 🐶 #⚓️ #🏡 #🐶 #🍻 #🍆 check out our latest post

These beautiful fjords are forever be bound to my mind, wishing someday I can live in Bergen 😘🙃

dia yang suka datang menghampiri
dia yang suka menyambut kami

dengan senyuman
sambil membawakan keset kesayangan

sudah berlari dg penuh kebahagiaan
di atas jembatan pelangi

dari atas langit, kamu memandang
dengan penuh senyum kesayangan

till we meet you again, 🐕
tribute to one of my all-time favourite doggo

Pantai Mandorak,
“sunyi nan biru
menghias buih air biru
ku berdiri menatap langit biru
termenung dalam birunya”

“rumput gemerincing menyapa telinga
orkestra megah alam
bersambut indahnya langit biru
teruslah bertiup wahai angin, menyapa manusia”
Hear their song, when you walk pass the hill 🌿

All you need in life to lift your spirit is to take a moment and gaze at nature’s beauty 🌴

green side of a home @chysafr 👋🏼♥️

“And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin” Matthew 6:28

Cn’t move on from this scenery #meteoragreece and still with this small and functional bag @imagerybags

the church that almost forgotten 🙌🏽

the Delphi, it’s not just a small vilage, but it’s the centre of the World, do you believe it? #delphi #delphigreece #myth sstt... its said that the oracle whom Zeus tossed it to find Ghea, the mother of the Earth, found here. 😉😉

the magic of Theatre of Epidaurus is you can hear the sound of man who’s talking in the middle, even when you are sitting on top, however the key word is listen! “The earth has music, if you try to listen”-Shakespeare

Started from 776 BC, the Olympic games has started and until now, it has inspired people from around the world. But for us, we called it “the lost technology”, how they made those beautiful column as high as 13m without the technology that we know now

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