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Sherlyn  18♡ just roaming around.



If PJC ever have a bff award, we will definitely be winners and use that money to buy ourselves unlimited kamikaze! I just want to say thank you for the best jc life ever, in and out of the school. No other bestfriends can beat us in the amount of crazy shit we experience together. Can’t wait to move on to another phase of life with you. Established since some random library clique in 2012..

Even though we only meet at the beginning of the year we had enough crazy times to miss you guys now that we won’t bump into each other as often 😕

My ride or dies, went to pj’s open house together, applied to this school together, did shit together and finally we a leaving this place together!! #yolo sounds like our motto all along. wah i srsly love you guys😘

you guys are the reason why i look forward to school everyday ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Finishing it the way we started.

As bleak as my Monday without you

Gross but Happy 18th Pang

Marking day well spent 🚲

i love you so matcha 🍵 @isaacldx

dear chubbycheeks,
all the best for your papers! and don't kill me for this. you're not a glutton, defn not, trust me.
signing off,
probyourmosthatedpersonnow, kingoftheworld

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