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  your literal actual boy

basting this bird up for a couple october shows w fake nudes feeb

played at mikes hard lemonade yesterday - if u don't kick the drums to the left and play with a terry cloth on your head then you don't know the @coreyharper band @eianmcneely @james____wolf

i was talking with somebody last night about how being yourself is high art in the theater of the real world. doing that in music is even harder. phoebe has unapologetically been herself as a person and as an artist since the day i met her at a chinese restaurant where we both really didn't like each other. i spent a couple years of my life quite literally 24/7 with phoebe, writing this with her, playing shows with her, traveling with her, people watching, posting up in the woods in Idaho, posting up in silverlake, falling in love with oregon, over analyzing everything and getting to know harrison who also became hugely important to me. looking back at it, the anchor weight of those years was making this album. to say that i'm proud of this is an understatement. to say that this album is the most representative of what im trying to do musically is also an understatement. very few moments in my life have been as surreal as seeing the day this thing is released. i almost wanna cry man. i now live in the neighborhood where phoebe grew up. i didn't know anything about this place before her. i didn't know what a good song was. i found an entire world during those years and it's all embodied in this album to me. So hey check it out. phoebe is out there touring all year so if you like it BUY IT and go see a show !

this is my loft and these are my amps and this is a picture of the guy who works for me and photographs and ships everything

one time my dad put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eyes. he cleared his throat. he had something he felt was important to tell me. something he knew wouldn't seem like much now but I would carry through my manhood and it would guide me in times of adversity. he said marshall, son. your ears are going to look like cat buttholes if you put those holes in them. photo 2015 maybe even an early @abaxley shoot ? did you take this one ?

ok so this was 2009. i was 21 or 22 and i thought drinking beer was the most outlaw shit you could do. there was a broken down chorus in one of our songs and i thought it would be soooo cool to stand on my throne and drink an entire beer at once. the only real thing ive learned just thinking about this time period is how carbs weren't bad yet in 2009 and how beautiful that world was if only for that reason. this was taken in Portland and we had to have our set over by a certain time because they had girls in bikinis hosting bingo right after. i can't remember who but somebody won like 30 dollars and i remember being pretty upset that it wasn't me. anyway, here we are 8 years later and this would never happen because a.) my deductible is high and i think about that anytime i get an itch i wanna scratch b.) i would never eat a carb unless u gave me the 30 dollars but that wouldn't be u fair to the bingo girls - so be it

when chris smokes heroin b4 lunch

yeeted on em


thinking about revisiting this look where i only wear things that a small british orphan on a cloudy day selling newspapers would wear

when someone asks u what u did this weekend but all u did was jack off, eat rxbars and watch skateboarding videos

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