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Marshall Cox  some commercial work. some editorial work. some photos of me & my pup Oliver. 📍Dallas


I’ve always been proud of myself for being able to look at things from multiple perspectives - to be able to try and put myself in someone else’s shoes & see both sides of a story. It’s something that has kept me out of fights and coined me as the “peacemaker” amongst my friends. Some things, however, do not deserve consideration. Racism, bigotry, murder, rape... all looming themes over our country right now. Think & pray for your own comfort - not as a solution to legislative issues.

ever since i was 5 i knew i wanted to be an engineer or an architect; never a doctor or an astronaut or a firefighter. I was always so intrigued by the way things worked, & still am. Now that I have my engineering degree & student loan debt, I want to be a photographer 🙃 but one path led to the other & I couldn’t be more grateful.

dodging the negativity like....

going to bed at 7:30 because i was up till 4 this morning thinking about how beautiful Call Me by Your Name was.

there’s no telling how many models i’ve offended by cropping half their face out of a photo 😬 it’s not because they don’t have a gorgeous face - quite the opposite. Usually the face is the first place our eyes go. Cut that out, and you’re forced to look closer at an isolated piece of the photo. In this photo, i love her hand placement, the collar bones, & jaw; things you wouldn’t pay as much attention to if you could see the entire photo.

had my first big failure on a set today. i wanted to shoot outside & didn’t consider that 10 feet of seamless is like a sail in the wind - so, ya, that ruined that plan. BUT I took a step back, had 4 shots of espresso, & was able to turn the day around... Moral of the story: don’t try and shoot prior to having coffee. (it wasn’t this shoot btw)

i saw a few ice flurries which means everything will be closed tomorrow & there will constantly be at least 3 wrecks on every major highway. god speed.

i don’t just take photos of pretty girls. sometimes i take photos of pretty bags... and also dogs.

just finished watching Inception with Oliver. he liked it so much he’s been dreaming for the past 2 hours.

check your privilege. then check it again. repeat indefinitely.

my rental car doesn’t have a rear view camera or heated seats. my butt is numb. sadness is all i feel. but forward is the only way i can look. #firstworldproblems

2017 has been a big year for me. I’ve been so #blest. Head over to the link in my bio to see my top picks of the year. 💕✨

maybe if i look at it long enough, it’ll turn into a robust cabernet sauvignon.

bubbles not bullets

i started paying for my own netflix today. is this adulthood? it doesn’t taste good.

how do i know if my dog loves me? answer in the comments below.

First ever pop-up event was a success!! Thank you so much everyone who came out 🤗 I had such a great time hanging out with everyone. Special thanks to @marti_diro for including me, @bypatriciorivera for organizing the event, @stgermaindrinks for the delicious cocktails, & @setandco for having us!!!

new story for Flanelle mag out today ☺️ super excited to share this one. had a truly incredible team. ✨✨✨
makeup - @laceyjsalas
hair - @tressobsessed_jess
wardrobe - @ferrahofficial
model - @haleyhalter of @kimdawsonagency

“let’s go to Set & Co at 5 on Thursday. it’s a pop-up, bitch”

nothing fulfills me more than getting to do work with local creatives who share a similar vision. lot’s of new stuff with @ferrahofficial coming soon ✨

new work for @foreign_collections up on the site - go check it out

having yet another existential crisis after watching interstellar for the 8th time

i think it’s going to be a week before my thanksgiving hangover passes 😴

gosh, now that i’m a dad, i finally understand what my mom meant when she said “i miss you”

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