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My facial hair has entered the Bush league. Ha. Double entendre.

PAX East was a cool experience. I learned lots of things like don't go up to a person cosplaying as Link and tell them "nice Zelda costume" or they'll get mad. Other than that, video games are fun to play #paxeast2017

Fresh to death. (@ Dinnerjoe on Twitter made this)

This was on the tree. Never noticed it before. Must be a new addition.

Yo it's hella cold.

Rose Golden.

Here is the last picture I took before proceeding to throw my phone off the Empire State Building. Don't worry though, I have insurance.

When you turn 20 and you want to take a nice picture on the milestone but then you start to think about how you've actually done nothing with your life so and you've be watching others your age and younger actually have their lives put together. You know, have a job lined up. Have a significant other they will probably end up with and have little babs. A third thing as well. And I'm just sitting here thinking about how glasses are so expensive even though they are just basically plastic as a 20 year old but then again I saw a College Humor video about it so that answers that question. Haha. 2 decades

My molecules got all rearranged.

Shoutout @issis_layla one time for making the logo.

[caption about buffalo wings]

If you see your girl wearing this hoodie, tell her to give it back because stealing is wrong. I don't even know how she got it in the first place. You guys should work out your relationship if she's running around stealing hoodies. #adidas

They were pretty grumpy. #gamegrumps

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