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Great morning . Socks of the day. Been a warriors fan , let's get it. #gowarriors #warriors #spurs #eastoaklandwarriors #howboutdat #losangleles

I choose to surround myself with people who are just as passionate at taking their body to the next level I am. Strong Core , Strong Body. #handstand #lululemon #locs #fitness #healthy #hollowback #abs #fun

Please help me congratulate our April 30 Day Body Transformation winner. Voted for having the best physical result in 30 days.
my very own friend and client Ms. Myly Ha
Congratulations you have earned $500. Now registering people for the next challenge that starts June 1. Are you now? This time the price would be $700

Great job today everyone , left the excuses at home , brought the kids and went to work. That's what I like to hear

I moved to L.A with drive and passion to take advantage of the opportunities I couldn't get back in the bay .grateful to partner up with @grandac on this campaign .

This is What working from home looks like. Two screens , a shake , and playing drake in the background. It takes self discipline though, when your bed is less than 100 feet away you can be tempted to jump in it. Stay focused and don't lose sight of what you are striving for. Have a great day

Let me know your goal. I'm more than happy to help and support

Predator mode . #paintball

We having way too much for out here .He didn't want to catch it

Someone called me Richard Sherman , but I prefer KeySweatNoFlyZone

Great. Don't live a life buying things you dont need to impress people you don't know. Stay in your lane and focus on filling your own cup.

Upgrade your surroundings, upgrade your nutrition , upgrade your bank account , upgrade the way you treat people and do all these upgrades without forgetting your morals. Have a great day.

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