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MARNI PINK POP MARKET is inhabited by a series of fairy products: Marni Wooly Friends, Wooly friend's key chains, the iconic Marni Market basket bags and many others.
From March 21st to March 27th at #ShinjukuIsetan Department store. #MarniMarket
マルニ ピンク ポップ マーケットには多数の妖精たちが登場。マルニ ウーリー フレンズ、同モチーフのキーチェーン、大人気のピクニックバッグなどアイテム多数。3月21(水・祝)~27日(火)まで。

MARNI PINK POP MARKET is a lively and colorful ambience to discover the iconic world of Marni lifestyle.
At #ShinjukuIsetan Department store in Tokyo, from March 21st to March 27th. #MarniMarket
マルニ ピンク ポップ マーケットは、躍動感溢れるカラフルな雰囲気。マルニが提案するライフスタイルをお楽しみください。伊勢丹新宿店にて、3月21日(水・祝)から27日(火)までの開催です。

Marni welcomes the Cherry Blossom period in Japan with MARNI PINK POP MARKET, a big in store installation that involves the prestigious #ShinjukuIsetan Department store in Tokyo, from March 21st to March 27th. #MarniMarket
マルニは、日本の桜咲く季節をマルニ ピンク ポップ マーケットとともに迎えます。3月21日(水・祝)より27日(火)まで、伊勢丹新宿店本館1階=ザ・ステージにて、大規模なポップアップストアを開催いたします。大人気のストライプバッグの新色も登場します。#MarniMarket

For children and grownups. The ironic graphics of #MarniMarket are featured on t-shirts, aprons and many other products. Find them all in Rue Saint Honorè 231, Paris.

The key word is play. Toys to be showcased or to play with, extraordinary objects and furnishing sculptures to forget rules and predefined structures. Only at #MarniMarket in Rue Saint Honorè 231, Paris.

Marni Market in Rue Saint Honorè 231, Paris featuring new spring-inspired special products.

PVC baskets, chinawear, tumbler, bentobox and cans are also in the store with all the #MarniMarket special products inspired by outdoor and nature.

At Nagoya #Isetanhaus until 13th March.

#マルニ #名古屋イセタンハウ

Marni iconic stripe shopping bags and printed pouches and vaseholders. All the #MarniMarket exclusive products at Nagoya #Isetanhaus until 13th March.


#マルニ #名古屋イセタンハウス

#MarniMarket has arrived in Japan.
The lively ambience and all the exclusive products now at Nagoya Isetan Haus, until March 13.
#marni #IsetanHaus
マルニ マーケットが遂に名古屋に初上陸!3月13日(火)まで名古屋イセタンハウスで開催中。生き生きとした空間で、色彩豊かな限定商品の数々をお楽しみください。
#マルニ #名古屋イセタンハウス

Boyish attitude of #MarniSS18 oversize polo shirt and checked skirt on @grazia_fr Special Mode, March 2018 issue. #marnieditorials

Pictorial flowers on Marni leather coat from #SS18 collection, featured on @elleusa, March 2018 issue. #marnieditorials

Check and flowers. #MarniSS18 beautifully featured on @glamouritalia, March 2018 issue. #marnieditorials

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