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My little playboy. He was babbling: yeah! You ain't going to hug me today. I'm not happy now
哈哈哈先生 你不要仗著自己可愛 就覺得大家都要抱你好嗎?
I'm not even near you, bro! Relax
#childrengrowsofast #mynewphewiscuterthanyours

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很厲害的鼓手!如果你喜歡 請關注他👉 @international_drummer
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If I'm gay, I'll fall in love with this chick😍 我願意愛上這個妞兒

Sometimes people just want to see you fail hard... even if they used to be your friends. One of 2017 favorite movies!
酒鬼都應該看一下科羅索巨獸 魯蛇兩樣情!2017年的佳片 #我是女主角

Riding home

Finally having a great thing from my work.... FREE COFFEE ☕️🤓 上班只求免費咖啡

Three things made me happy today... the first sip from my hot coffee in the morning, the first cigarette after tooth brushing, the last thing is I find out my boring time flies after I concentrate so well! #mydayoff 我放假的一天... 早上第一口咖啡、刷牙後的一支香菸、還有我發現我花時間花得很爽 哈哈👩🏼‍🌾

Half way only... #marlyshandcraft
還有一半.... 要死了🤖

I can do massage to anyone but myself.... very tired today!! 👻 my spirit just wandering for I don't know how long....
Pile of 💩me 今天好累喔...........

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