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You guys, this tree on the terrace of the National Gallery East Building was amazing. The light was crazy and there was a double rainbow. Now if I could just get all those people to step out of my picture, all would be well. 😉 #nganights #greeradodc #nofilter #nationalgallery #igdc @ngadc

Last night of being 6 for this little lady. Tonight we stayed up chatting and it hit me so hard that she is 7. Seven years ago this little baby was born in Turkey, and while that seems a lifetime ago it also seems like yesterday. Didn’t we just move back to the States? How was it been 6 years? Why is time so weird and why is it slipping through my fingers and the more I try to hold on to my babies, the more they keep growing and blossoming right before my eyes, without any help from me. Although I did pull out her 7th and this 8th tooth this week, so I am trying to earn my keep. If anyone needs me, I’ll just be wallowing in a puddle of tears over here while I try to figure out why Eve is wearing the pajamas I’m sure I just bought my 11 year old. 7️⃣🇹🇷 #eveleonagram #greersdobirthdays #timeleavemealone

International night. Where we have japchae, injera, pupusas, lamingtons, and shortbread cookies for dinner, dress in traditional Korean clothes, and find out my kids are the only ones born in France and Turkey. I guess next year we have to bring macarons and borek. Have I mentioned my love language is food? 🍱🥟🍲🍰 🇪🇷🇪🇹🇰🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺🇸🇻 #greersdofood #schoolnightdinner

When it’s a snow day, but dad still has to work, you watch him on @cspan while you eat your Challah French Toast for breakfast. #wewatchedhimatlunchtoo #loooonghearing #greersdosnowdays

Seventy eight degrees in February calls for sidewalk chalk until dinner. #chalkswing #ayearofjlg #sonorashangram

The days are long, but the years are short. And the knitting will stretch. The babe can still fit in his #lookingglasslongies from when he was 6 months old. At the library, the man in line behind me asked me if his pants were made out of “sweater material.” Hmm, I wondered, is he calling yarn “sweater material?” Or just pants made from an old sweater? “I knit them myself,” I told him . .
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I’ve never been to the National Theater before, but you can enter a lottery to win the opportunity to buy cheap tickets for every show. We didn’t win, but some friends did and they gave us their tickets because it was Noëlle’s birthday. Very Jean Valjean of them. We sat in the 4th row and loved it. Next time we’re going for the box seats. 😉We wandered around The Willard when we were done and it is the fanciest hotel I’ve ever been in. They even had a 1/100th scale gingerbread house of Mt Vernon, plus a harpist playing. I love DC at Christmas time. Such a fun celebration for my favorite oldest child. 😂🎊🎉 #greergirlsdodc #nationaltheater #happybirthdaynoelle #noellenonagram

Yesterday we spent a fabulous day in the city because someone special is turning 11!!! Happy Birthday Noëlle! I’m glad you loved Les Mis and thanks @cwp0290 for helping us get tickets. Best day ever!! #noellenonagram #greergirlsdodc #greerchristmas2017 #igdc

Greer Girls in their natural habitat. The Young Readers Center in the Library of Congress was amazing! It’s hidden way back in the northeast corner of the building and we almost had it to ourselves. Three rooms full of books and beanbag chairs. Puppets and puzzles. We almost moved in. #greergirls #greersdodc #libraryofcongress #youngreaderscenter #37timesaroundthesun

All a Greer girl really wants for her birthday is to go to the library. How I haven’t made it to the Library of Congress yet, I don’t know. But it was delightful. We saw the reading room, Jefferson’s library, The Gutenberg Bible, and a special World War One exhibit that a certain 8 year old was over the moon to see. Thank you @jamiesongreer for spending my birthday with me and thousands of our best friends, also known as tourists, and books. Always books. 📚🎄#greersdodc #greersdochristmas #37timesaroundthesun #libraryofcongress #ilovetheceilings #igdc

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