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I figured since the Fourth of July was last week, it was about time for me to post a picture. After five years living here, we finally made it down to the Lincoln Memorial to watch the fireworks. The view was fabulous and the company even better. We love DC! Happy belated Fourth of July!! #welovefreedomandindependence #lincolnmemorial #greersdosummer2017 #greersdodc

The mountains dazzled my girls on our trip. They couldn't get over them. They wanted to see people on them so they could understand how large they were and they wanted to climb them all. One day after hiking on a few different mountains, we put the girls to bed. A tearful little girl came to find me and accused me of not taking her to a high enough mountain. She had been upset during the day that we made her go hiking twice, but come the witching hour it wasn't enough and she was sad. I didn't grow up with mountains, but fell in love with them while I was in school. It was amazing to see them and climb them again, but it was even more delightful to see my own girls fall in love with the mountains. A few of them requested to be left behind. I hear ya girls - I almost didn't come back either. #aintnomountainhighenough #greersgowest #greersdosummer2017 #eveleonagram #wildandfreechildren #iwasbornwild #outdoorfamilies #themountainsarecallingandimustgo

Let the indoctrination begin!Somehow we have never taken our kids to BYU campus. In the past there has been a little confusion, "Didn't dad go to UVA?" But I think we have it under control now. Some things seemed so different, but other things like sandwiches sold in a triangle box next to the creamery strawberry milk were the same as they've always been. Plus, we recreated this Tree of Life photo from my own childhood, only with half the number of kids. Go Cougs!!
#byu #brighamyounguniversity #grapefruitgummies #weshowedthemwherewemet #theydidntcare #theylikedthelibrarybetter #greersgowest

Best Father's Day ever. #greersgowest #saltlaketemple #greer5

One should always chase strawberry crumble pie with strawberry milkshakes. Together they make a perfect spring evening with friends. Now if we could just do something about that pesky rain. #piesofinstagram #piegram #ayearofpies #ayearofpiescookbook #pienumber6 #strawberrycrumblepie #greerseatpie #myfavoritepiesofar

Luckily ice cream makes everything better. #icecreamjubilee #honeylemonlavender #passionfruitguava

Ninety five degrees called for a watery adventure. On the way to Yards Park there was terrible traffic and Pearl asked, "Are all these people going to the same place we are?" Of course not, I reassured her. Sadly, it appears maybe they were. The pool was fun to play in, but there were so many people there. I won't even tell you about the lady that kept bumping her behind into my elbow while I was eating my lunch. Alas, big city living at its finest is hanging out with your 1,000 closest friends wherever you go. #goodthingihaveasharpelbow #yardspark #mydccool #igdc #igdcFamily #ithinkilikegeorgetownwaterfrontparkbetter #wildandfreechildren #OutFam #greersdodc #greersdoicecream

I love DC. Sure the traffic and parking can drive me to the brink of insanity, but after five years, I'm trying to feel more zen about it. Plus, views like this make me feel like I have a front row seat to the writing of history. But if you are 3 years old, you'll probably be more delighted by the carillon bell concert we heard. It is automated, but we'll be back for the real concerts this summer. #netherlandscarillon #greersdodc #mydccool #igdc

If I couldn't see Riggs Library, I guess Julia Child's house in Georgetown is the next best thing. I can't believe the amazing location they had. It must have a blast to live in Georgetown in the 50s and to just walk over to Julia's house for a cooking class. I'm a little bummed I hadn't made my millions a few year ago when it was for sale, or I could have snapped it up and carried on my pie baking there. Ah well. I can't wait to come back in the fall when all the ginkgos will be a lovely yellow to match the yellow house. I'll probably bake something to bring with to celebrate Julia, like an aspic or something similar. 😉😳 #greersdodc #igdc #mydccool #juliachild #rosepark

Riggs Library is one of the few cast iron libraries left in the country. It was absolutely beautiful as I pressed my face up against the window, but alas, I couldn't get inside. Who knows the trick? How do I get to go inside? Georgetown, you bested me today, but I'll be back, and I'll leave the kids home so I'm not so conspicuous with a baby on my back and a 3 year old running around while I'm trying to sneak into ancient historical libraries. 😂👶🏼👧🏼 #riggslibrary #greersdodc #greersdogeorgetown #thethingsilldoforbooks #igdc #igdcFamily #mydccool

Maple Orange Walnut Pie. More of a late winter/early spring pie, but I squeezed it in before April ended and I'm calling it good.A lot like a pecan pie, only with a lighter taste. And very orange. If I made it again, I think I would use less maple syrup and use maple extract instead. But overall, this pie was a hit. #piesofinstagram #piegram #ayearofpies #ayearofpiescookbook #pienumber5 #mapleorangewalnutpie #greerseatpie

First backyard movie of the season. We usually wait until summer, but then it's always so hot and humid. Last night was a perfect spring evening to begin catching up on new movies we haven't seen yet. Let's be honest, we never are up to date on movies, but we loved Moana!! #greersdobackyardmovies #greertheater #moana

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