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Marlena Diaz  🏋🏽‍♀️REP’s Certified Personal Trainer 🍏 Nutritionist 👱🏼‍♀️Female fitness ❤️ Mom➰Wifey 📩

Love catching up on reading 📖 during my holidays and this rainy afternoon #🌧 is perfect for it. I just wish I could have a cup of coffee r n, but I’m currently on a #coffeedetox 😏 I like to do that every month or so for 3-4 weeks to give my body a break from all the toxins and caffeine. It helps me restore my natural energy sources and gives my liver a break. Instead I’ll have my favorite hot water with ginger & lemon or some herbal tea 🍵 Are you also a #☕️ addict? 🤫

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Snuggle bug 🐛 ~ ~
#love #❤️

🌸 Hi Lovelies, I’ll be traveling this summer, but I’ll resume personal training in September, so please let me know in advance to reserve your time slot 💜
I would love to know where you’ll be spending your #summer so drop a flag below👇🏼🌎
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Surround yourself with people who see your value and remind you of it #♥️

It’s not easy staying on track when we’re out of routine, especially during #vacation 😃

Here are few tips and tricks that I use:
1. Hydration (getting your water from food 🍉 is a great idea, 🍋 water, herbal teas ect)
2. I’ll always try to meet my daily intake of vegetables and fruits. 🥦🥗🥒🍠🥕🍒🍏🍊🍓🍍 3. If I choose to have an ‘unhealthy’ food, I’ll have it, enjoy it and will move on. I don’t stress over bad food choices as I know that I’m getting right back on healthy track after that meal🙃 Do you have tricks that help you while traveling?👇🏼

Ready for summer? ☀️✈️ 🗺
👙 @faeswim

So #grateful to be his mommy ♥️ ~

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Working on a special project very close to my heart r n ♥️
While it’s getting super hot here in #dubai
Tbh I still would choose to live in a hot climate over cold any day of the week
How about you?
#hot or #cold
#👙 or #⛷
#🏝 or #⛄️

My favorite #plantbased place with my favorite people 💚
Psssst... The açaí no-cheesecake is to die for 🤫 @wildandthemoon

‘Is it OK if I drink #ALCOHOL?’
Something that comes up during every consultation 😁 ➖
Well, all alcohol should be limited as we obviously want to stay as toxin-free as possible, I know that it is perhaps unrealistic to think that all of us will never have an alcoholic beverage again. So the trick is to pick your poison wisely. ➖
Biodynamic #wine 🍷 with no added sulfites is OK, since it contains flavonoids and antioxidants. Though it is fermented and does contain sugar, wine is not as hard on the liver as hard liquor.

On the other hand an interesting fact about beer is that the hops that are used to brew it can have some estrogenic effects, meaning it can disrupt your hormonal balance. Unfortunately for the beer lovers it can also be very bloating, cause sugar spikes and often contains gluten. ➖
Dark liquors like whiskey or scotch 🥃 contain more congener which are responsible for taste and aroma of distilled alcoholic beverages. Studies have shown that those produce stronger hangovers, because of their extra impurities. ➖
If you really feel like having a #cocktail🍹 (or 3) stick to clear liquor vodka or gin. Keep it simple and low sugar. Vodka+soda water+lime is a good, simple drink option. ➖
Don’t forget to have some food before and drink a lot of water with every single drink 🍸 to avoid dehydration and help to flush out the toxins out of your system.

I personally drink very rarely.
How about you? 🙃

We’ve been enjoying the #springbreake , each other and the #food so much this week 😋
#vegan #glutenfree #healthy
Sweet Potato Pancakes 🥞 at @gourmetbykcal 😋 ~
Almost as sweet as this boy 😁

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