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Marla Maddin 

β€œHey, so I thought this was going to be something like a PE class. Is that not true?” β€œ...This is human anatomy.” #thedaymysoulwenttodie

Donald Trump may be the president of America but some dude named Michael Colglazier is the president of Disneyland, so it's all good 🐭 #imstillnotoverit #idliketogobackthanks

Two days ago we left this wonderful place and all I've been doing since then is daydream about skipping out on university and heading right back πŸ˜‡βœ¨ #fouryearsoftuitionisalotofseasonpasses

"So, are you guys not from around here?" "Oh no, we're from Canada."
"Ohhhh! That's why you're so nice!!"

Friday was my first day ever at Universal Studios but MORE IMPORTANTLY: Thursday was the day I returned to the very best place on earth and after nearly 10 years of strong regret and self torment, FINALLY got on rides that weren't described as "The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed" πŸ­βœ¨πŸ˜… #redemption #3rdtimesacharm #butistillwannarideitsasmallworld27timestho

No George Foreman grill was involved but this boy had a burnt foot #mildimpala

"Hey, guy." #dogsofthesea

Yesterday, Noah and I visited Sooke and were unfortunately not invited to join the highschool beach party taking place a mere 10 yards away from us #beer #sookebeachparties #paartyayyYyyyyYy!! #beers #lotsofbeer

Three young TEENS go to THRIFTY'S....What they find ? Makes you CRINGE!!! (Not click bait!) link here ----> http://threeteens_grocerystore73975shock&lobsters.jpg #news #crazy!!! #victorious(popularkidstvshowfromearly2010s) #jamaicangingerale #explorevancouverislandisland

the island got snow before we did and needless to say, i was salt. this is a picture of terry in the tub. #spacetimecontinuum #racismmustfall #okanaganPaleAle

my halloween costume this year is a working class barista and i've gotta say, it's pretty wild #samhain #samHEY #SamHeyivegotyourcaramelmachiattoonthebar

I don't miss highschool but I do miss the guy that let me hang around with him during my final year of it #troyepowlowsky #domesticimpala

stairway to heaven

Didn't attend Nanoose this year so here's a picture of some #vsco(rn)

just yuffed

Nice little day job I've got here β˜€οΈ #adventurezonedaycamp

They love Xanax almost as much as I love them??? #xanaxboys

Meeting you back in grade 9 was one of the greatest things I ever accomplished in 5 years of high school πŸ’™πŸŽ“ #cluster

Picasso Hall Of Fame πŸ”‡ #loseyourselfinEmily(s)Carr #nataliegoals

All these years and we've yet to kill each other but I know we've gotten close. My friend, we really did it. We really graduated together. You're a scrub 98% of the time but I enjoy you anyways, not sure why. Stay stroke free, Douglas πŸŽ“ #bertation #veryderisderison #foxboxTOXicwaste

Never thought I'd know such great guys by the time graduation rolled around but thank God I do, and I have BC's messed up education system to thank for it πŸŽ“ #drainthetanks #antrogatelength

That's rough, dude

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