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Mark van Leeuwen  Lettering Artist & Type Designer

Heads up to all fellow over-thinkers! Here’s a friendly reminder to try and stop yourself from constantly think way too much over every decision you make. I keep struggling with this myself all the time.
It’s happened to me many times before, where I need to act on something, but I end up stalling on it, thinking on whatever consequences my actions will have, or I just find myself mulling over the most pointless thoughts. This might just be about saying either “yes” or “no”. Then when I finally bring myself to making the decision, it often happens to be too late, or I miss out on an opportunity. 
This is not to say that thinking is a bad thing, but it’s best to trust your gut in some situations, and just make impulsive decisions every once in a while. Worry later about what happens next. Just think a little less. ✨

Stoked to have partnered up with @Cadillac again for a series of love letters from them to their competitors, designed by yours truly.

#xoxoCadillac #ad

Be vulnerable. ✨

Comparison is the thief of joy.
Constantly looking at what people are doing, and how other people are doing things, can be inspiring and motivating, for sure. But more often than not we can get caught in the trap of seeing the world through other people’s eyes. This way we lose track of what we think, do or see ourselves, because we see our experiences as a lesser —maybe worse— version of someone else’s.
Comparison is the thief of originality and authenticity.
This applies to creatives especially. If we keep looking at other people’s stuff, our work will most likely become, in some way, a reflection of what we’ve already seen. Sure, it will never be the same, because the artist puts its own spin on it, but it will definitely look familiar. Try new combinations, new styles, ideas that come to you at the weirdest times. Try to trust your gut, at times, more than you trust your eyes.
This is how new things are born.
I’ve personally struggled with this a lot, lately, trying to overcome creative block. I find myself desperately looking at amazing work with the excuse of searching for inspiration; i find it; but then the work I make doesn’t give me any sense of real accomplishment, because —in my eyes— it looks like a slightly warped version of the work I was inspired by.
I encourage you to try and step outside of the creative bubble for a while. Experiment. Do you. ✨

A little peak behind the scenes of the piece I did for the @goodtype slogan #strengthinletters 👀
Swipe for some bezier craziness 👌🏼

It’s been a while since I’ve last done one of these! Getting back on the #goodtypetuesday train today. This week’s theme is #MoreThanNumbers, hosted by @florifama and @aftrisletter.

It’s far too easy to get caught up in analytics and stats when running a social media profile. In my experience, it’s happened far to many times, spending a bunch of time checking how well my latest posts are performing on @instagram, watching my follower count or checking likes or engagement numbers. So much so I often ended up judging the quality of my art based upon how many likes it got on an online platform. Which is such an absurd thing to think. When numbers really don’t mean anything.

Rather than likes and followers I’m much more thankful for the many opportunities that have come from building a presence online, such as starting a freelance career as an artists, work with incredible people, building great friendships with fellow creatives and discovering the passion I have for design and type themselves.

It’s about so much more than just the numbers! 🔥

I recently wrapped up this clean logotype design project for the Conservatorie.

Swipe for details and some weight variation 👌🏼✨

Listen to what people have to say. You can’t expect to be listend to constantly, or that your opinion will always be heard, if you don’t listen first yourself.
Quit talking for a second, just listen.
Llisten, don’t just wait to talk.

After it being in the works for a few months, I’m excited to announce that my brand new portfolio site is now live! 🎉

Here’s a collection of some lettering featured on the website, along with other cool projects I’ve worked on and case studies. It definitely feels refreshing to have a new hub for most of my work after a few years since I last updated the website. 
If you’d like to check it out, visit the link in my profile!

Sending my best wishes to all of you for an amazing new year! 🥂✨ Come on, 2019. Let‘s do this! 🔥

Here’s a quick look back at this year, which has almost come to an end — I can’t believe how fast it has gone by! ✨

This year was full of great moments! I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of new faces and made a bunch of new friends, while travelling to some new places I’d never been. It was also my first whole year of living abroad, in Berlin, and I’ve gotten to settle in in this amazing city!
In 2018 I went full time freelance for the first time, and it was a year of great new experience and I got to take part / do a lot of awesome projects, most of which I’ll be able to share at the start of next year, so stay tuned… 🔥

Thank you for a great year, and cheers to a fantastic 2019! 🥂✨

Wishing everyone a wonderful and happy Christmas! 💫🎄✨

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