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Mark  Ursa | Bad Mannerz | Riga

Now it is time to spread the word! MTAWM Monthly event - BREAKING EDITION! 1st of all - I feel super proud for you @kamilla_lilk ❤️! You really make the difference. This event really makes a difference. I really believe it might be a panacea and a refreshment for our baltic dance community, and not only ! The ones who didn’t come, you missed some real jam, real talks, and sincerely warm vibes! And you know shit is real when I speak that way, cause we all know I am not that hippy talk supporter at all. 😁 So fo real - Unique event experience for sure and a place to be for all the dancers, like literally all! *<drops the mic>

Semi final vs the cutest baby face @gamerdeiver_fbl ❤️😁😘 shout out to @popping.kozo for making things and jst for being her ❤️ as well thank you and respect to erryone who understood and supported my final move, there were more people like this that I could expect, I represent @badmannerz_real and stand for what I believe, and not gonna act quite just to be liked 🤘lets keep it real and open ) gunz up

Beloved ones ❤️

Я и кабанос 🙏 ❤️🍩
#brotherslab @brotherslab

Reppin @badmannerz_real at KZS baltics vs gorgeous @lena_oneshot 🐻❤️ gunz up

Amšterdamn pt2

blurry with pancake ❤️

Archives goldie ! My fam and my favorite LT popper @zenkewhatok ! @badmannerz_real before it appeared ❤️


My role model, coolest grandpa I can imagine ❤️

С тренером. 💪 #gutman #team

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