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Mark Bell  Produced more content in fitness than anyone in the world 100 MILLION Views on YT. Has Abs. Patent Holder x3. Squatted 1080, Benched 854. Father of 2.

Down 62 lbs since May 8th after a back surgery and reading The War On Carbs!

A testament that’s close to my heart. After years, I got my parents to try keto and they aren’t lookin back. Beyond happy and proud of my mom for taking this step.

Keto cut the sugar cravings cycle and helped manage her calories. Finally getting more nutrient dense food into her diet, ditching the junk and helping cut the cravings and fight hunger.

I got this message from my mom today,
“Started War On Carbs & tweaked Keto program after back surgery May 8th... Down 62 lbs. A ways to go...doing PT & getting deep muscle massage for my leg”

It’s never too late to start making better choices. If you’re struggling to figure out where to start, check out the #WarOnCarbs. On a quest to Make This World a Better Place to Lift and a better Place to Live #ShellsBells #MommaBell #rosemary #WarOnCarbSoldier

I love this woman. I never laugh as much as I do with her. Have a great weekend everybody and remember don’t take yourselves too seriously. #AndeePandee #JessIsAProfessional

Coming off a bodybuilding show like....

I eat enough food to fuel performance but not increase body fat.
I’m what I like to call NUTRITIONALLY CHARGED! I’m destroying workouts but not my body.
I feel great. I have no pain and I’m in the best shape of my life.
For those of you who have cried about how I have no strength. Oh paaapleez don’t act like you ain’t said fuck why Is Smelly so weak?  Truth is I was never weak, I just go through phases just like your moms. One week she likes.....oh never mind.... anywayz Tonight without any strength I hit 3x3 with 405 which you can Internet judge above for yourself. #keyboardwarriors
I’m still jacked af about 1 month after my show. My weight the night of the show was 235 and right now I weigh about 245. #HowBoutDat #SmellysBeltBoner #LargerThanLife

People are asking what I’m looking like nowadays. What do you think? I’ve really let myself go. #ThePeoplesCoach #ThePeoplesAbs

#tbt to when I had a handful of spotter in my mouth moments before my attempt. Talk about #anabolic

You always see those gym fail videos happen, but how often do you see it when you have over 800 lbs over your face?
Imagine this, you’re gearing up to take this huge lift and then something falls towards your face. It’s not sweat, it’s not something falling out of a pocket, it’s fucking gum your buddy has been chewing for a few hours. To make matters worse, IT LANDS IN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH.
I had to turn my whole head back to allow him the opportunity to finger my mouth to fish it back out. All two seconds before my last bench press attempt. Big Roy all 500 lbs of him dropping gum in my mouth like a baby bird and then fishing it out with his big ass fingers left me all sorts of fucked up.
I remember thinking to myself fuck this is disgusting, but I have 800+ lbs hovering over my head. Best part about this all, No Chance in Hell music was playing in the background.
What’s the worst thing to happen to you while lifting? Can it top mine?
#MondayMemories #BabyBird #IveSeenItAll

“If your feet can touch the ground, then get your ass back to work” @philheath

A1-Incline Close Grip
1 big set of 2-4 reps
A2-Sliding on rack Barbell Curl
Go heavy 6-8 rep range
Double super set
B1-Low Cable Reverse Curls 6-8 reps
B2- DB Hammer Curls 6-8 reps
B3-Tricep Rope 10-12 reps
B4-Push UPS 10-12 reps
Repeat x 4
C1- DB Tricep Extension 30 reps
C2- Preacher Curls drop sets x 3

Try this #pipes workout here and don’t make any excuses for why you don’t have the body you want. I’ve torn my biceps three times, one twice. So they aren’t short, they just healed differently. Work them in a different way to start building them up regardless of rehab. I am feeling better and better. Ready to hit every training day with all that I got.
Tag a friend you want to hit these pipes with 💪🏼
#pipes #armday #DoMore #BeMore #BecomeMore #StrengthIsNeverAWeakness #ST101

Remember on episode #682 when I smoked that j on @joerogan podcast?

Or was it episode #772 or #1101?

Or the fact that I just hit 420k followers? THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOLLOWING ALONG

#ElonMusk #JoeRoganExperience #JRE #420 #photoshop #blazeit

Hangin with my bestie. Fat @jesseburdick. Poopcasting LIVE. Talking shit. The normal. Tune in. Or don’t. @markbellspowerproject #WeAreTrueProfessionals

Other options include but not limited to:
-strategic cropping
-picking the photo that fairs you better regardless of what your friends look like
-hiking up your pants to no man’s land
-looking up popular song lyrics for captions (Drake, Eminem, Cardi B, etc)

#Repost @benbrunotraining: Here’s a tutorial for trainers on how to take the perfect selfie. Hope this helps. #blessed

Shawn Rhoden @flexatronrhoden brings the Olympia trophy back to The Mecca of Golds Gym Venice🏆 it’s been about ten years since they’ve had a trophy back in the house of Golds.
Just imagine the blood, sweat, and tears it took to bring the best version of yourself to the stage and what sacrifices that took. From every single competitor.
I’m sure @Hanyrambod and @Philheath have already conjured up a plan to snag the Sandow trophy for 2019!
#TheMecca #GoldsGym #MrOlympia

It’s a close one this year.

Are you routing for history to see a legend in the making or are you hoping the king gets dethroned?

Are you hoping @lee_haney_official & @ronniecoleman8 Record stays intact? Or do you want to see a new comer take the title? Who do you think is gonna take the Olympia?
#DreamKiller #AndStill #MrOlympia

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