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Mark Ryan Chariker  artist bk, ny - drawings and paintings

oil on board. I cant hide im obsessed with how watteau creates atmosphere, maybe to a fault. It drives me crazy sometimes trying to figure out how he does it. Seriously how does he do it?! As far as I can tell his secrets are in the glazes. This is a white/sienna simple underpainting with a prussian green glaze over a dried burnt sienna glaze. The bottom left is the closest ive come to getting it right. #redgreencolorblind

A copy after an unknown/unattributed Italian artist from the 17th century. @themorganlibrary online collection is a great resource for artists!

4am painting.

small landscape from today.

This was a another glaze landscape test. Was thinking about Bruegel here. He seems to paint his darks in thin dark veils and kinda "draws" within the glazes. So kinda trying that here esp. in the rocks.

small oil sketch before bed. (5"x7")

Been drawing from Rubens' figures the past few days. Here are some copies based off his "Fall of the Damned," drawn in 4 color chalk on tan paper.

Salvatore Rosa. A painter who as a kid learned painting secretly from extended family while also living as a roving bandit. He was an accomplished playwright and satirist. At one point he was in a death squad killing Spaniards, called The Company of Death. But it was the sharp cut of his satires that earned him enemies. It's a miracle he wasn't murdered, esp in Italy at that time. (Ill never forget the story of how Barocci was poisoned by rivals around this time) He was not afraid to criticize and offend those he disagreed with. He never painted commissions, and every transaction was on his terms. And above all his paintings have such a brooding dark narrative that I cant help but wonder what it must have been like to talk to the guy.

little oil sketch from this morning.

Stradanus, The Tiger Hunt. I keep coming back to this Louvre drawing. What is going on here? A male tiger is trapped, while a female on the left lingers in anticipation of the hunters. A mother on the right is seduced by a picture of a mate and is lured into a trap herself. The cubs are oblivious and vulnerable. What will happen to them? A tigress in the background appears to be gtfo. The men in the background armed with foreboding spears are less interested in hunting wild animals than slaughtering the restrained. Two men in the shadows watch in anticipation. The thing that puzzles and that I love is the tigress being seduced by the picture. It is the fulcrum of the whole narrative. Are the tigers responsible for their own fate here?

Been diving into drawing mostly these past few weeks, doing boring stuff like teaching myself human anatomy, stuff i should of learned a long time ago. In between those exercises Ive been messing around with various glaze combinations on little paintings like this one.

The wonderful @robyn_oneil at @susaninglettgallery - I've been really enamored with Robyn's drawings for a long time, and this show up now is no different. The work shows meticulous graphite drawings of floating mountains, and tops of heads bobbing in water. There is a poetic mystery in this show, I haven't quite figured it out. But there's something there. It's the kind of work that should be lived with and looked at everyday. Also, if you like podcasts, Robyn's podcast "Me Reading Stuff" has been a consistent listen over the past year in my studio, check it out. Just do it!

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