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One of my favorite photographers mentioned it a few days ago and I’d like to emphasize here message. It seems that some of my favorite photos aren’t very ‘popular’ on IG, which sometimes surprises me and frankly can be demotivating to post, and, honestly, to shoot in the first place. The question rises whether to post or perhaps not post at all and leave this application for what it used to be, just an inspiration. And of course, it’s not mandatory to use IG, but I like to showcase my work and I like to see yours, but it seems that the appreciation isn’t always mutual. There’s about 4,500 of you ‘following’ me, I’d love to hear from you as well. If you don’t care, you might as well unfollow... So, here’s a fav shot.

Perhaps the most beautiful man made landscape I’ve witnessed. The valley is under threat because of plans to expand industrial efforts further into the mountains, which obviously is protested by the local people who seem to really love their nature and have a very tranquile attitude towards life.

Barrio Brasil, Santiago de Chile.

Light, completely out of control still synchronizing our existence.

Cafayate, Argentina.

Hello, just to let you know I’m fine.

I’m two months into my journey and have come to a serious yet relieving conclusion: I’ve been trying way to hard to become a type of photographer I will never (want to) be. I started taking photography seriously about two years ago when I found beauty in the most unexpected places, resulting in a few (international) exhibitions and a person that looked at the world with a fresh pair of eyes. Meanwhile I saw a lot of other photographers doing a lot of other things which I also found interesting and decided to spice up my profile with some different types of photography, making it a melting pot of styles. All fine till here, but I started to confuse online popularity with authenticity and most of all pleasure and originality in taking photographs. I looked for the wrong things in the wrong places, resulting in mental chaos. I’m going to continue at what I might be good at: shooting minimalist photographs in undiscovered and/or (extra)ordinary places. I’ve hit walls before, and will hit more walls but I feel like being honest to myself rather than putting on a fake tan for the rest of the world to see. I’ve just visited Bolivia and will share some images from my altiplano trip in a while, but god knows when. Until that time: ❤️ -- #noicemag #phornography #subjectivelyobjective #oftheafternoon #ifyouleave #rentalmag #thisveryinstant #somewheremagazine #onbooooooom #weltraumzine #ignant #lucecurated #myfeatureshoot #dazedandexposed #archivecollectivemag #palepalmcollection #gominimalmag #paperjournalmag #anotherescape #imaginarymagnitude
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