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After the Rally... before the Lighting ceremony... Georgia last weekend... @reduxpictures #politicaltheatre #america

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s loyal ally, didn’t go to work for the Trump Administration—until Thursday, when he announced that he was joining the White House legal team that is dealing with special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. “I’m doing it because I hope we can negotiate an end to this for the good of the country and because I have high regard for the president and for Bob Mueller,” Giuliani told the Washington Post. @reduxpictures @newyorkermag @steidlverlag #politicaltheatre #trump #giulliani #mueller #russiagate #fbi

Jame Comey in New York Times Book review... Comey wrote that when Trump reached out for a handshake, he couldn’t help but notice that the president’s hand “was smaller than mine” On Friday President Donald Trump in a tweet called Comey a “Slime Ball”.... @reduxpictures @nytimes #politicaltheatre #comey #trump #missionaccomplished #america #bw

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg leaving the Rayburn Building after the 2nd day of his testimony to Congress... on assignment for The New Yorker @newyorkermag @newyorkerphoto @reduxpictures #fb #markzuckerberg #congress #russia

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Can Jim Mattis Hold the Line in Trump’s ‘War Cabinet’? New one in today’s @nytmag. Direction by @gailbichler & @mrwilley. Photograph by @markpetersonpixs.
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. @reduxpictures @nytimes @nytmag #mattis #trump #america #military #politicaltheatre #bw #onassignment @markpetersonpixs
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President Trump ‘‘doesn’t do whatever Mattis says, but he does defer to him,’’ says an executive who knows the president well. More than a year into Trump’s tenure, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has quietly become a central figure in an administration of near-constant purges. But Mattis himself is visibly uneasy about being thrust into a political role (after he refused to sit for a portrait for our article, the photographer @markpetersonpixs photographed the retired general exclusively during public appearances). Mattis and a colleague wrote in a 2016 essay that relying on the reputation of generals to win over Congress or the public ‘‘sets up military leaders as the guarantors of public support, something that should be anathema to the longstanding balance of civil-military roles in America.’’ He may be the lone cabinet member to have survived with his status and dignity intact, and in the process his Pentagon — perhaps the one national institution that is still fully functional — has inherited an unusually powerful role in the shaping of American foreign policy. The other members of Trump’s national-security team, once the core of what was called the ‘‘committee to save America,’’ have been serially compromised or humiliated; rumors of their replacement swirl constantly. Not Mattis. Robert F. Worth explores whether Secretary Mattis can hold the line alone. On assignment for @nytmag @reduxpictures #mattis #trump #nytimes #military #america

Happy to have the cover of The New York Times Magazine... the @nytmag said about the cover
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis declined to sit for a formal portrait for our cover story, so photographer @markpetersonpixs followed him around and tried to snap a cover-worth shot during public appearances. The final result is the cover of @nytmag for our April 1st issue. Says editor in chief Jake Silverstein, " We thought this one admirably captured some of the militaristic themes of Robert F. Worth's story, as well as the sense of foreboding." With many of his former allies in the Trump administration ousted or sidelined, can Secretary of Defense Mattis hold the line alone? . @nytmag @reduxpictures #nytimesmagazine #mattis

March For Our Lives Washington DC March 24, 2018 on assignment for The New Yorker... @newyorkermag @newyorkerphoto @reduxpictures @marchforourlives #mfol #neveragain #enough #newyorker

17 year old High School Student Andrea Walker wipes a tear away as she listens to a classmate talk about losing his twin brother to gun violence at the March For Our Lives in Washington DC March 24, 2018... on assignment for @newyorkermag @newyorkerphoto @reduxpictures #mfol #newyorker #newyorkerphoto @marchforourlives

The Past Is Never Dead.... Donald and Melania at Victoria Secret show in NYC 2002... @reduxpictures @steidlverlag #politicaltheatre #trump #melaniatrump #victoriassecret #williamfaulkner #tbt

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