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markmolle  Keeping it so real it's surreal...

MM: "What big style you have." FS: "All the better to treat you with."

Out with my very own Fran Lebowitz @felicityasargent. To think, we used to never talk politics. #FakeFearsRealTears

You'll never believe what happened to this innocent, Mariah Carey Terrier. #ACorgisWickedPurpose

There’s no such thing as a push-button democracy. There’s no such thing as push-button progress. There’s no such thing as push-button freedom. I remember looking up the word "hew" when I first read "I Have a Dream," and I'll never forget what that word means to me: To shape, to form, to mold, to make more perfect — by trimming and cutting and revising and rebutting. "Never let it be forgotten that human works are made, not begotten." #AlexanderPope #ThisIsHowWeHewIt #MLKDay

And so we press on, ground against the wind, born now ceaselessly against time #HartCrane

While mountain snows dissolve against the sun, and streams, yet new, from precipices run. #Dryden #Virgil

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You know how when you travel sometimes google docs randomly puts stuff in your "recents" from a long time ago.... Well, thanks for recently bringing this to my attention, G, for it remains my favorite legal writing joke of all time.