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Mark M.  C9 x Lower East Coast

New @sdotbraddy coming Saturday via @noisey @beats1official ... Tune In!! #c9isthefuture

Lil grill vibes

Progress #Sampler

New @Twelvelen #Succulent video available today on @worldstar "....Trembles all in yo voice... Thunders came with yo tears...Yo soul it dance on my tongue..." #JustDiveIn 🌩🕊🌻

Im not easily impressed & I don't endorse or get behind things often but when talent is undeniable & the persons actually a decent human being how can i not be excited or want to share? If your not hip to @twelvelen ... please take the time to listen. Your doing your soul a disservice if you don't. New single "16" out now. #c9isthefuture #linkinbio 🌩🕊🌻

Sending a very special Happy 22nd Birthday to my brother @denzelcurryph. New year, New Goals to accomplish. #c9isthefuture #ULT

ULT!!! Tune into @beats1official to catch @denzelcurryph with @zanelowe in the next few mins!!... going live now!!! #linkinbio #imperial

March 9th in Portland,OR for @redbullsoundselect #c9isthefuture #ULT

In honor of @redbull | @RBSoundSelect
@TwelveLen is releasing a new single Thursday February 16 titled 'Sixteen'.
Will be available everywhere.

"...Girl, are you out of your mind, I would think you were mine/You were a part of me, part of me, parts of me died/Idolized you when I didn’t unite/You won’t tell for the moment, but time will tell, but as of now..." - @denzelcurryph "This Life" video out now via @worldstar off his latest album #IMPERIAL #LINKINBIO

"She told me that I wasn't losing her.. that she losing me, L-O-V.. ..E we out of gas i'll see you in a week... thinking that, you won't fornicate with niggas that you meet but silly me... now we are the same... cupid admit defeat" - @denzelcurryph "This Life" now available on @Worldstar #ULT #c9isthefuture