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Mark Mann  Most brilliant Scottish photographer of the most handsome variety do I need to resort to nudity to get on the popular page,did I mention I'm brilliant

I wish i could do the one eyebrow thing! @robertboydholbrook photographed with @leicacamerausa @deadline @tribeca

@madbrew looking pretty happy at @tribeca photographed for @deadline with @leicacamerausa

Love that smile and of course i still see #ferris the incredibly talented #mathewbroderick photographed with @leicacamerausa

The senstational #jaquelinebisset who has been a movie star for over 50 years.. and is as gorgeous today as she ever was. Photographed with @leicacamerausa

The man who is #mattsmith but also has been #drwho yes who not quite brittish royalty but has played one on TV photographed with @leicacamerausa

The ever so sexy @johnkrasinski from the @festivaldecannes issue of @deadline photographed with @leicacamerausa lit with @rotolight

Another scottish humour fail with #jemimakirke but not mad at the photo.. photographed with @leicacamerausa #girls

Definetly an angel when hes sleeping.. and this fabulous mummy catching some well deserved shut eye.. to all the mums you rock...

Not a real film festival without my favourite actor #michaelshannon best face to photograph award 2018 with @leicacamerausa lit with @rotolight @tribeca

Superb to watch for my self the making of a legacy #leicaM @leicacamerausa @leica_camera so grateful to a ton of peeps for this opportunity @leicaproimage @kiran.karnani @robbricedesign #leicamothership

The marvelous #marinhinkle photographed @tribeca on @leicacamerausa lit with @rotolight i love this lady!! #themarvelousmrsmaisel #twoandahalfmen #nyc #portrait

Mr Krasinski @johnkrasinski photographed for the disrubtors issue @deadline @festivaldecannes with @leicacamerausa lit with @rotolight #aquietplace #cannes

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