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You ever been shot at and missed but shit at and hit??? The shit sandwich has been stacking up this week DentistERdentistERdentistERdentist finally got cleared to make a late arrival to @baldisbeautiful for dinner with some Hilary DUFF. Her popcorn farts are nowhere near as dry as the white stuff falling out of the sky up there. Oh yeah and lastnight my trucks fuel injectors decided to shit the bed..... so now I sit.....SHIT. Sorry boys @snowboardmag #gary #f #me @libtechnologies @bentmetalbindingworks @vans @vanssnow @hanahliving @bn3thapparel @ngrainedinc #ultracushlite #ultracush

Whales, love handles and snow condoms.
@libtechnologies @bentmetalbindingworks @vanssnow @ngrainedinc @gopro
Loving the #vans #verse boot keeping the snow outta my shit(laces).

I'm regularly goofy!! #whatyouknowboutonehandedsidehillin'biatch! #gary @jake_blauvelt @gabelanglois @colinadair
Checkout an assortment of beanies @

♥️💘❤️What a Valentine's Day!!!! It's been almost 2 years since my powder partner and I broke up. While filming for the fourth phase she Bitch slapped me with my own knee. BAM! Double KO bro. Then she threw me around like a ragdoll a couple more times Alaska. Leading to C-6 and C7 nerve damage then she just left, not even a goodbye note. Nothing!!!! Leaving the middle 3 fingers on both hands numb for 9months.
Butt hey Love trumps all right Donald!
Im happy to say We recently rekindled things over a long weekend getaway in Canada. Well fucken' Eh!!! 🍻Thanks for all the support helping mend this relationship and bringing us back together like buttcheecks... @ngrainedinc @vans
@vanssnow @libtechnologies @bentmetalbindingworks @hanahliving @travisrice @gabelanglois @langloosie @jamesjohnsonnativeart @lifeofgarymayo
#coldnipples #superlongvalentinesday
#pullthemountainspantsdown @rayferrone

Holy crapinski Lowinski that thing scared the beanie off the weenie.
Find other weird faces under a grip warm willies over @ngrainedinc cheers face

Krazy Kyle Karlyle is a crazy SomBitch. And he's here to beat sown the competition!!! Always love working with the @soundstrait boys. @kurtjenson @eb4d @jesseburtner

Taking time Setting up a couple hours for A few jib-arm shots in the Middle of the Japanese forest I'll be Damned if I'm not gonna make the most of it. Welcome to the world of backcountry slip-slide. Safe slidin' folks @ngrainedinc @volcomsnow @libtechnologies @bentmetalbindingworks @mypakage @hanahliving @vanssnow

Never been so happy covered in turds. Carter ranch. Long Time ago @travisrice @gabelanglois @bluebirdwax @cartercountry

From Crab eggs everyday for 5 weeks , to Zero G heli dumps with a stuffed tiger and shit even the Lorax came out to play. I always learn a lot from traveling but I think our Russian comrades/pilots were pretty blown away with my skills. @ngrainedinc

A staple in the logistical battles during the filming of #thefourthphase
JK aka @tetonjon has come along way from 60' backies in Jacksons Hole with dyed blue hair. Here is the latest project he has been working on. It is a Pretty powerful story check it out. "After 20 years on the front lines that left multiple gunshot and shrapnel wounds across his body, Master Sergeant Farmer reached a breaking point. While trying to rebuild his life, he rediscovered a gift from a friend that led him down an unexpected path to healing."
#akaskierblood @chocorompe @ngrainedinc

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