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My arms are shrinking but at least my beard is growing🤷🏼‍♂️🐻 #canIpleaseworkoutsoon

This is officially week 7 post shoulder surgery. I can’t tell you how good it feels to workout for the first time since then. Thanks for killing my abs @dcfitchick .And I was safe, don’t worry @ashleyspeightsoneill 😊

6-7 weeks post shoulder surgery: GO VOTE! Oh and I’m sans sling🙌 #vote

5 weeks post shoulder surgery: This is the face of someone who is allowed to take their sling off for a few hours everyday. I can also lift a coffee cup. Yay caffeine!


3rd week post shoulder surgery: Battle to dress myself has been won. Saw Florence+The Machine (with my beautiful boyfriend body guarding). Started PT (thanks @ashleyspeightsoneill )Sleeping upright still sucks butt. Happy coming out day🏳️‍🌈 that’s all✌️

Happy 20th anniversary @barrysbootcamp ! Sending love to my Barry’s family around the world. Comment and tag your favorite instructor and show them some ❤️

I saw Regina George wearing a sling, so I bought a sling.

1st week post shoulder surgery: Battle to dress myself is ongoing. Progress report to come soon. Also, I’m back at @barrysbootcamp tomorrow. Sign up for class if you haven’t already.

Day 1 post shoulder surgery: Battle to dress myself with one arm has commenced.
Bonus life tip: thank both of your arms, don’t take those bad boys for granted.

Happy Friday.
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