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The most amazing shoot I've been on so far has finally wrapped. 3 hours of sleep and 16 hours on set for 2 days. #screwthesystem #editoronset #imokaywiththis #jaipur #rajasthan #india

Happy girlfriend...happy life!? #dodomark

Another stylo cut by @_destroycreate at @thegoldenrulebarberco. Never regret getting my monthly haircut here. #thegoldenrulebarberco #undercut #zerofade #haircut #shagtoswag

I'm okay with this shot @dzaniff
📷: @dzaniff

In my opinion, one of the best burgers in Singapore. Chicken, Turkey bacon, breaded beef patty, cheese fries, and a sauce that will go to all corners of your mouth. Did I mention there were fries on the side as well? Fries in the burger and on the side. I almost died. #fatpapasg #burgers #bloodyfull #cantmove #foodcoma #halal

Happy birthday dear! This is going to be one exciting year for you, filled with change and opportunity. And although the future is forever uncertain, always know that I'll be there to see it through with you.

Tried painting a hare. Ended up looking like a kangaroo. #hare #kangaroo #artjam #painting #straya

I only drink coffee when I'm not working.

Every time some event like this comes up, we always say that we will go 'one day' but end up not going. So this is one of those rare times we managed to get ourselves out of the house to actually go to one of these wonderful be sorely disappointed. We still managed to have fun though. Now back into hibernation till the next time we emerge from the comfort of Netflix and the bed.

When you miss one of your drinking buddies so much that you give him a spot in your beer bucket. #O4 #alcapones #singapore #mumbai

My Auntie asked me if I knew anyone who wanted to buy one of her Prada bags. She bought it on impulse in London and never used it since. It's a pretty good deal for a Prada bag. So please feel free to drop me a message if you, or anyone you know, is interested in this luxurious bag, and we could work something out.
#prada #pradabag #luxury #genuine #authentic #realdeal #usedtobeamodel 📷: @popthegum

Congratulations to the French American gangsta and the dancing queen #ericandpeline will visit you guys soon.

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