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No Instagram filter. Just really old window tinting.

Attending my cousin's wedding made me realise that weddings don't have to be that complicated. Albeit warm and humid as hell. Close family stayed on to party the night away, I must have downed at least 25 beers tonight. It was definitely a night to remember. One where my cousin was liberated and felt home for once. We fully support TianYun & Jon's journey into the future together and we pray they hold on to each other through thick and thin.


I haven't seen this side of my family in so long. So many new faces. I always try to make an effort to refresh myself on who is who and how we are related. But one thing's for sure is that the food is always ridiculously good and the company is even better.
#extendedfamily #familygathering

The distance between us only brings us closer together. Our love can not be measured. #dodomark #singapore #ikea #longdistance #justkidding #sonearyetsofar #disgusting

Finally a day out in the sun. Most of our dates all end up being at the wee hours of the night. #dateday #sunshine #scorching #humid #singapore #orchardroad

According to the owner, these go karts can reach up to speeds of about a 100km/h on these tracks. Fweeeeeeeeee! #gokartracing #gokart #kf1 #zoomzoom #2stroke

Trying a new style. Colours are soft and pastel, overall contrast of the image is taken down to a point where everything in the picture flows from one to the other. It almost looks like it came put from an animae.
I normally hate images with no hard contrast and no true blacks and odd pastel colours so it was a little challenging to try to achieve this look. @dzaniff knows what I mean.
#cinematic #taiwan #taipei #trainstation #pastel #soft #dreamlike #colorgrade

I ask: What's it called in Chinese?
@popthegum says: It's Tian Deng (天灯)
I said: why isn't it Lan Deng (Lan-tern)? ...
I don't know how she puts up with my crap sometimes.

#dodomark #taiwan #taipei #shifen #lantern #天灯 #wishesanddreams #flyaway

Testing out some HDR looks inspired from @asianwuwe I don't think I'm quite there yet though.

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