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Mark Jaquith  Tampa, FL. INTJ-wired biomechanical being. I make WordPress. Am interested in almost everything. Semper Avidus.

Sulking creepily

Watching the glorious moon.

Climbed until we were filthy.

Aw snap. Just missed Jesus at the rock gym. Looks like heā€¦ ascended.

Cut off at least six inches of hair today.

Donut for school award ceremony.

Wood stork caught a catfish. Heard the fish's skull crunch and saw blood spatter all over the stork's beak. Pretty cool.

Mermaid Beck

"What happens when somebody gets tased?"

Yeah, we climbed a tree this weekend. šŸ˜ƒ

I'm really happy with the paint on my RS. It is unbelievably white. Makes other white cars look slightly grey.