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amy's birthday weekend album

Hey, I'm gonna level with you... I couldn't come up with a good caption for this picture. But I feel obligated to share it as it seems to show my ascension to the next level of douchetry on Instagram. For the curious, yes, this is a picture of a Polaroid and holy fucking shit that Polaroid is so hipster that it's fucking round.

I know... I've fallen pretty far. But now, at least, you can understand my difficulty in coming up with a caption that would sufficiently capture the magnitude of narcissism of this motherfucking picture. So please take this humble offering and bury it alongside me when I'm dead.

Which will be soon.

From shame.

Kind Regards,

Lord Mark Egoplier of the Head-Up-My-Own-Ass Clan.

relaxin' to the maxin'

im thirsty

praise the SUH ☀️

halo theme - as requested

found another bathroom of echoes

chillin with my bro

markiplier dances to anything

The floof casts his blessings down upon you

I think this picture of me looks good so I'm sharing it with you guys. Likes aren't necessary but they are appreciated.

Where I belong!

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