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Mark Gordon  "Knowledge with out mileage is bullshit" Qualified PT BC, Canada

56 days before and after. Happy with it considering I estimated macros the whole diet and didn't use my shitty scale once through out. Next one starts April 1st and this time I'm going to dip well into the single digits.

Back in Canada and we're already planning the next trip. What a great week with @sierratraynor

That's a wrap! Shoot was fun but COLD! 2 hours standing still for the camera with out a shirt on at night time in February. Got some super cool creative shots though! Now time to quickly pack and get on a plane.

Last back work out of this mini cut. My damn tooth pick calves still need some work though hah. Shoot tomorrow!

1 more week to get beach ready. I won't be shredded, but I'll be in decent enough shape to get some cool shots in Mexico! Can't wait!

Damn I need a new phone, this camera is garbage and it doesn't help that this lighting sucks too. Figured I'd post my week cardio protocol for this 8 week transformation so here it is.

week 1: 25 min am fasted
week 2: 30 min am fasted
week 3: 35 min am fasted
week 4: 45 min am fasted
week 5: 45 min am fasted, 25 min pm
week 6: 45 min am fasted, 30 min pm
week 7: 45 min am fasted, 35 min pm
week 8: 45 min am fasted, 40 min pm

I used a treadmill because I have one in my home and it's convinient Also, weeks 5-8 I did HIIT for the am session, 5 min moderate intensity, 1 min high intensity.

Progress. 2 weeks left to really step on the gas and get a few more lbs of fat off before Mexico. This has been the easiest diet/cutting phase I've ever done. I love this shit!

60 years old and still killing it in the gym every week AND pushing heavy ass weight. Eric is the type of client every PT wants to work with. He listens, is always willing to learn, and he gives it everything he's got every single session. I can only hope I'm doing this well when I'm 60.

Up in weight this week but bf% is down again so must mean I'm still on track. Getting pretty excited for Mexico, 3 weeks to go!

Might have gone a little over board on tonight's refeed. It's a good thing that @alphalete shirt I have on is nice and stretchy.

I really didn't expect this much of a drop in weight this week. I may have to increase calories a bit or lower cardio because if I'm dropping weight this fast I can be sure some of it is muscle:( Learn from my mistakes people, don't diet too hard too fast or you will risk losing some of that precious, hard earned muscle. Upping calories this week will be nice though! (silver lining)

Tonight I had an INSANE arm work out. I don't always give arms there own day, but when I do I train them with as much effort and intensity as any other muscle group. Rocked my @mutantnation tee tonight. Time to sleep and GROW!

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