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Mark G  "Knowledge with out mileage is bullshit" Qualified PT BC, Canada MarkGFit@gmail.com

This is my dad's crazy 3 month transformation from this spring. He looks awesome and is gaining more muscle and getting leaner every week. Not bad for almost 57 eh? I don't have him counting calories or tracking macro's. He isn't following a crazy strict bodybuilder chicken/rice diet plan. He eats whole healthy foods with the odd treat or beer here and there... and he uses INTERMITANT FASTING. I've been preaching IF for years and the above pic is just another example of how well this shit really works.

The rope hamner curr is probably my favorite exercise for the brachialis. If you want thick upper arms, you gotta get in some curls with a neutril(hammer style) grip. I like the cables a lot, especially for the arms because the tension is constant through out the movement rather than with dumbbells where you lose tension as the weight is lowered. The cables are also great for super sets and drop/strip sets which I like to use a lot as well. I almost always start off my arm work out with some sort of cable curl to activate the muscles I'm training that day. I'm big fan of pre exhaustion, give it a try and see for yourself.

Hanging leg raises, probably my favorite ab exercise. Throw out traditional sit ups and crunches for much better more optimal ab exercises like this. 1 week out from June 2017 shoot, time to really step on the gas and get lean af!

How I start my day every day this time of year, cardio on the treadmill on an empty stomach. No BCAA's, no pre cardio protien shake and some how I don't seem to burn all my muscle away. Contrary to what the supp companies want you to believe, as long as your diet is in check, BCAA's are not nessecary to spare muscle when performing fasted cardio.

Thank you @drewgrahamart for sending me this really awesome drawing. This guy is super talented, go check him out!

Give this quick high intensity at home work out a try if you're short on time but still want to burn a ton of calories. Believe me, its a lot harder than it looks. Time to complete will vary depending on individual level of fitness.
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I want to congratulate one of my best friends @matty156 on reaching his weight gain goal of 170 lbs. Matt and I have been training together sinse we were in high school and we still get a session in here and there when our schedules line up. The pic on the left was taken 7 years ago when he was weighing in at 120 lbs soaking wet. So cool to see him reach his goal and it just proves once again that if you consistently put in the work, the results will come. Stoked for you and proud of you man.@transformation.page @transformation @transformationfeed @igtransformationpage @transformationation

The body weight skull crusher/over head tricep extension. If you can't make it to the gym and you don't have dumbbells or bands at home (or you do but you just want a new exercise to add to your at home arsenal) give thsee a try. Start out by lowering yourself til your chin is in line with the edge of the table. If that's too easy, you can make it more difficult by stepping further back and lowering yourself so that your head goes below the edge of the table. (as seen in above pic) To really set your triceps on fire, superset these with close grip push ups. Give this one a try and let me know what you think!

What motivates YOU to keep training, keep eating right and keep progressing?

I don't want to be that guy that corrects other people's form, but I see this exercise done incorrectly nearly every time I step foot in a gym. Here is, in my opinion, the correct way to perform a side lateral raise.
This exercise is supposed to target the medial (side) delt. In the top pic, I AM hitting my side delts, but my traps are doing a lot of the work, especially in the top end of the range of motion. In the bottom pic, by turning my pinkie's out and leading with my elbow's, I am able to keep my traps out of the movement and force my side delts to do the work. -------------------------------------------------
Try doing your side lateral raises like this next time you hit your delts for bigger rounder shoulders.

#flashbackfriday This adventure tour out of Puerta Vallarta was really amazing. Zip lining, mule riding, repelling, the craziest water slides I've ever been down and a bunch of other cool shit. Well worth the money!

#Throwback to last June when I was in my best shape Id every been. In another week I'll be back on diet so I can smash that physique and bring a fuller leaner look for my June shoot this year. Diet break was nice but can't wait to get back on track!

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