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#TBT last Summa goofing off with my lovely sisters they are probably making fun of my #pockettaco in my #sphincterfitjeans #levis501stf #buttonfly #siblings #summa

Wu-Tang Clan

@biggiespizza Left Bennie Blanco + sausage, Right Queen Margherita +Mushroom. Both +Kalamata + Roasted Red Peppers. Can't top it. #bestpizza #biggiesmalls #biggiespizza

@julsie.michelle my dear little sister. I HOPE that you cling to life yet, and may this message bring you courage, for here you see the oops glove that you so desperately need. Touch no knives, sharpen no axes, wear thick clothing for 2 days more. I seek to deliver your safety, let your fingers do the walking lots of love.

Why are they ramming in this guy with serious allegations unresolved?

This is maybe why..
1 Kavanaugh rush confirmation in Sept. despite grave concerns. Why?
2 "Gamble vs US" is on SCOTUS docket for Oct., recently added by Orrin Hatch.
3 Midterms in Nov., traditionally incumbent party loses seats.
Last chance to get a desired outcome in "Gamble vs US" case is about overturning a type of double jeopardy, and last chance of removing the ability of a state AG to bring charges on the same crime which has already been tried federally.
This week's SCOTUS nomination frenzy is about giving more power to a presidential pardon.
Rebublican Senators are angry today because they are afraid.
Mueller continues to gain convictions in his investigation. Why the rush to a SCOTUS majority? Maybe to ensure crimes that receive presidential pardons cannot again be charged again at the state level.

Seems pretty sketchy to appoint an apparent ill tempered frat boy who lacks display of judicial poise to the highest court for the sole purpose of pardoning federal crimes and insulating those same crimes from state prosecution.

#ramen #ImWithHer #SCOTUS #IBelieveChristineBlaseyFord
#pardonme #fear

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