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Market Lane Coffee  We are a coffee retailer & roaster with five coffee bars in Melbourne, Australia.

Among our current filter lineup is Granja São Francisco, a yellow bourbon varietal from the Minas Gerais state in Brazil. This coffee farm has been owned by the Ribeiro family since 1937. At harvest time, the coffee cherries are hand picked when fully ripe. They are then carefully processed using the pulped natural method: the skin and fruit are removed before the sticky, parchment-covered beans are laid out to dry on cement patios, where they’re raked regularly to ensure they dry evenly and consistently. The result is a heavy bodied coffee with notes of blackcurrant and dark chocolate. Come try a cup in store today, or pick up a bag to brew at home.

When leaf rust, or Roya, broke out in Central America in 2013, its effects were devastating on yields and quality. Farmers through El Salvador and Guatemala had to drastically change their farming methods to combat this new destructive fungus. The fungus eats away at the leaves, and draws nutrients away from the fruit production, affecting fruit quality and quantity. The effect of Roya on the taste of the coffee is unique. We have tasted samples of coffee that were completely ripe-looking, but the coffee tasted as though the fruit and seed was unripe—hollow, thin and peanut-like. Managing Roya has now become part of the routine. It is clear that Roya is in Guatemala to stay, as there seems to be no chance of eliminating it completely. We’ve spoken at length with Ricardo Zelaya (of Santa Clara Estate) about the fungus, and he suspects climate change is playing a big part in the spread of Roya throughout Central America. Head to our Journal to keep reading (link in bio).

It feels like a chocolate croissant kind of Monday. Elevenses, anyone?

You might have noticed we have a new addition to our filter coffee menu. La Linda is a Java varietal from Bolivian coffee farmer Pedro Rodriguez. It’s floral and sweet, with notes of mandarine and green apple. One reason that Bolivian coffee tastes so good is the country’s unique climate and altitude. The country only produces small quantities of coffee too, so it's quite special to be able to serve it. La Linda is only available for a limited time, so get in quick.

Good news coffee lovers, the Porlex hand grinder has been given a delightful design update. Gone are the days of that tricky handle flying off across the room as you vigorously grind your morning coffee beans. This new easy-to-grind design is now in all our stores.

Here's Luis Valdes from Finca Santa Isabel in Guatemala with Market Lane co-owner, Jason Scheltus a couple weeks ago. We've been sourcing coffee from Luis for a number of years, and are excited to share the new harvest with our customers in a couple of months. Jason says, “It’s always great to visit and see new developments on the farm, listen and understand the challenges that Luis faces through the year, and see if there’s anything we can do from our end that will enable him to produce more and better quality coffee.”

We just use one milk at our cafes. It’s a certified organic, unhomogenised dairy milk produced by Simon Schulz. @schulzorganicfarms is based in Timboon, a 20-minute drive inland from the Great Ocean Road. Simon raises Jersey and Holstein-Friesian cows and a crossbreed of the two. We’ve chosen to use Schulz milk because we love how it tastes and we think it’s the closest thing to ‘real milk’ in Australia. It has a lovely, rich texture and is very sweet and creamy, reflecting the diverse pasture on the farm and the gentle pasteurisation techniques practiced by Simon and his team. As well as being the creamy component in your flat white, latte or cappuccino, this milk is also for sale in our shops in two-litre bottles ready to take home.

We've just listed a new Roasting Class on our website run by our head roaster Toshi! This class is great for coffee lovers that are new to roasting, as well as those who have experience in roasting and would like to learn more. During the day, you’ll have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with our Probat sample roaster, and Toshi will help you develop your palate, and give you the skills to identify (and rectify) roasting faults. This intimate and in-depth class will be held on Tuesday April 4 at our @prahranmarket store. Link in bio to book.

Pros of getting up super early on a Monday morning? Being rewarded with this beautiful autumn light. Our machines are on and we’re ready to help you start the week off right, coffee in hand.

It's going to be a hot one again today, Melbourne! If you're torn between desiring coffee and not wanting to leave the cool confines of your house, you can make a batch of our iced filter coffee at home. Recipe up on our Journal (link in bio).

Good morning! Burgers and pastries (and coffee) are go at our @prahranmarket store. See you soon?

Our Coffee Club subscribers received this very special Geisha variety in their delivery this week! This microlot from Bolivia was produced in the colony of Bolinda, in a lush, steep mountain valley about ten kilometres outside the town of Caranavi. The farm is co-owned by Pedro Rodriguez from coffee organisation Agricafe and his longtime employee Don Carlos (who the coffee is named after). Geisha is a rare variety that boasts some of the most extraordinary flavour profiles found in coffee. Finca Don Carlos was gifted its Geisha seeds from the Panamanian coffee farming family, the Petersons (of Hacienda La Esmerelda), to help support high-quality coffee production in Bolivia. What a delicious gift! Head to the link in our bio to find out more about joining our Coffee Club.

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