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MarketingProfs  This feed tells the story of MarketingProfs and shares our ❤️ of all things marketing. 📸

Happy July 4th! 🇺🇸⚓️⭐️ #independenceday #july4th #sparklers💥

How many staffers can we cram into a virtual office during a #mpb2b planning sesh? We're also really good at squeezing into phone booths & @vw Beetles & at the game of Sardines 👭👭👫👬👫#cozycolleagues #weloveeachothersomuch #sococo #competitivesardineplayers

Good morning from Tuesday! Today might not be International Donut Day. But shouldn't every day be International Donut Day? 🍩😍 #realtalk #traveltuesday #confabcentral #coschedule

This 🗓 for #thoughtleadershipthursday​ ​we'd like to give two 👍👍 up to James Harris​ ​​​@seraphscience! James is one of our three ⭐️ amazing ⭐️ speakers​ ​participating in our June 9️⃣th Virtual Conference on Content Marketing​.​ ​His topic? "How to Create Quick, Killer Content From Proprietary Insights". Killer! ⚔️ We also love his taste in 👞 Well chosen sir. [ 📸 cred = ​@seraphscience ] . . . ​#contentmarketing ​​#marketinglife #marketingtraining #skillsgap #marketingwriting​

Today's​ ❓ ​from the MarketingProfs archives! Assuming you mean 📎business partners 🖇 and not ♥️ life partners ♥️ (we're leaving that one alone!)​ ​Here​ are ​​1️⃣2️⃣ things​ to consider:

1️⃣ Do they have the same sort of business culture, values, and ethics that you do?
2️⃣ Who are their other partners?
3️⃣ Do they have written partner agreements?
4️⃣ What can they bring to the table?
5️⃣ Are they comfortable offering information about their client base?
6️⃣ Do they have an exit plan?
7️⃣ Do they have an alliance or relationship manager?
8️⃣ Do you have leadership commitment?
9️⃣ Can they confidently outline their top objectives?
🔟 Do the marketing and sales budgets have monies set aside?
1️⃣1️⃣ Are they enthusiastic about working with you?
1️⃣2️⃣ Do you or your potential partner have a process for passing leads back and forth?
#letmemarketingprofsthatforyou #marketingFAQs #WisdomWednesday

Where in the 🌎 world is @annhandley⁉️ With the marvelous @crestodina at his Chicago office 🗺 @orbiteers for one of his monthly Wine 🍷 & Web 💻 events (of course)‼️ #besties #marketingprofsontheroad #thoughtleadershipthursday #winetime #marketinglife

For #traveltuesday 🛩we're 🚢 sailing away for a ⛲️ European holiday to Antwerp 🚆 with content marketing master 👊 @ajhuisman. Calgon take me away! 🛁 What a vision! [📸 cred = @ajhuisman] .
#marketinglife #inspiration #belgiumbeauty #antwerp

It’s #marketercrushmonday ‼️ Over the weekend, we started Julia McCoy’s "So You Think You Can Write?: The Definitive Guide to Successful Online Writing." Julia (@fementrepreneur ) is one of the 🔟 awesome instructors 👨‍🏫 teaching our ➡️ 2017 Marketing Writing Bootcamp! ⬅️ So far, we’re ♥️ loving the book 📚 and we couldn’t be more excited that Julia is gonna be kicking the course off on June 1️⃣ with a live-streamed class! Crushin’ in. [📸 cred = @fementrepreneur ]
#marketinglife #marketingtraining #skillsgap #marketingwriting #mcm

Naaaaaah. We are completely, 💯% CERTAIN that it is FRIDAY marketing friends! You are a marketing magician 🎩 and you’ve done an awesome job today 👏, so wrap up your weekly workflow 🗓 and head for the door 🚪 people! We're certainly going to enjoy our #friyay ‼️🍾 #marketinglife #marketing #tgif #happyhour

It’s #thoughtleadershipthursday! 👏👏👏 Three cheers for @jimmydaly who’s sharing his expertise our 💡📝📜Marketing Writing Bootcamp course this year! Check out his 💻 blog for tips on editing, writing for social media, and more! 🏜⛰🏕 Also his travel pictures are ah-maze-ing! [📸 cred = @jimmydaly]
#marketinglife #marketingtraining #skillsgap #marketingwriting

Sometimes... you see an image and you just think 💭 "Yeeeeeees. That IS this moment." You can hear these mountains call. Thank you @bjsmithstrategy for the inspiration! On point! 🎯 [📸 cred = @bjsmithstrategy] .
#traveltuesday #marketinglife #inspiration #momentofzen

It's #marketercrushmonday! Shouting out to the dynamic, innovative 👑 Mr. @mackcollier today. 👍 We had an awesome time participating in #blogchat last night 🌙 (Every Sunday at 9ET) swapping tips on writing, blogging, inspiration--really gets you jazzed to hit the ground running on Monday morning. Highly recommend checking out Mack's blog! #mcm #marketing #marketingideas

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