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When you get to hang all weekend with your friends while your parents learn and work at a conference! These kids were inseparable and had a blast. #fablogcon #foodallergy @enjoylifefoods

When Avery was born nearly 11 years ago, I had no idea what challenges were to come. When he was one year old our lives were turned upside down with a diagnosis of multiple, severe food allergies.
Fast forward through 10 years of fears and tears, learning and growing, challenges and scares, EpiPens and ambulances... here we are, a fierce family facing allergies confidently, head-on each day and sharing our hope and strength with others.
Avery and I spent the last three days in Colorado at the Food Allergy Blogger Conference. I spoke on influencer partnerships with brands and SEO, and attended sessions to learn more about food allergies and advocacy. There were many hugs and catching up with friends and meeting many new friends.
And Avery ran around with 3 boys his age having a blast, enjoying safe foods and doting adults calling them “the future” and “such wonderful boys.” It was a great weekend with amazing people whom we never would have known if not for this crazy #foodallergy journey.
#fablogcon #foodallergymom @fablogcon

There is something so inspiring about sharing travel moments with my children, like today at the top of a Colorado mountain with Avery. We didn’t just see the Rocky Mountains from a distance, we drove up and through, seeing trees and houses and deer along the way until we reached the top.
The view was stunning. On one side you could see more mountains and the other wide open land as far as the horizon. In fact it was noted that you can see four states from that point.
And we found the grave site of Buffalo Bill and walked through a museum in his honor and learned some American history. It was a great couple of hours sneaking away from the busy food allergy conference #fablogcon we’re attending. Grateful to have had the opportunity.

Kids in pajamas holding puppies. Is there anything cuter?

Over on the blog today, sharing 10 talking points I review with my child’s teachers each year about food allergies. The important terms to know, why hand sanitizer doesn’t remove food proteins, how important inclusivity is and more! I’ve shared these with many local families and heard they’ve been helpful, so going public today with the hopes more people find it useful. #foodallergy

Happy Halloween! We had a Ghostbuster and Dwight Schrute this year. 🎃🧡🎃🧡

We’ve got our teal pumpkins out tonight to signal we are a #foodallergy friendly stop for trick-or-treaters! We’ve got glow bracelets and slap bracelets along with some peanut free candy options ready to go! Here’s hoping you all have a safe and happy Halloween! #tealpumpkinproject

We’ve actually had a few great fall days in Minnesota. Love being outside with the kids and dogs as much as possible before it gets too cold.

Planning their get-away. Silly puppies. @rubyandrosiemndoodles 🍁❤️😍🧡

We’re a fan of the teal pumpkin project for #foodallergy awareness, so I was excited to see this naturally blue pumpkin to mix in with some white and traditional orange. I have some much brighter plastic teal pumpkins I painted a few years ago that I’ll pull out closer to Halloween. I. The meantime this one will do nicely.

Pumpkin was in the top 5 name possibilities for this little cutie. Rosie suits her, but I still call her pumpkin sometimes 🧡🧡🧡

The rain stopped long enough for the sun to come out two days in a row. Loving the fall weather and our new entryway decor. I never thought I’d be a decorative urn person, but these spoke to me. #arrowwoodproject

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