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Mark Entrata  Brazilian Jiujitsu Brown Belt ||Head Instructor VALORES JIUJITSU MANILA || follow @teamvaloresbjj || art by me and my daughter😄

Awesome 1st birthday party by Storm! Click on the pic to hear the amazing string quartet play the solo part of AC/DC's Back in Black.
Got to hang out with the usual people but also ran into people who I have had good times with back when I was younger.
Bobby Alvarez was one of the higher level white belts when I started training. He was the one who beat me in my very first jiujitsu tournament (semi finals) where he eventually won gold.
Xavier Lara was one of the more talented bassists I have met back in college and an overall nice guy. I haven't seen him in over 10 years so it was nice to catch up and see that we still have the same sense of humor (we were talking about how we could have ended up looking like waiters because of the black and white theme of the party). Congrats @atticusking and Kim for an event to remember! Thank you for the invite. Adriana and I had a blast!

Taking a break from drawing my #brazilianjiujitsu heroes for a while. Another #danaerys since I'm not quite happy with how i drew her in the #gameofthrones collage I did a few weeks ago.

Joining the bandwagon. #artvsartist

My art tribute to the lineage of Master @renzograciebjj ! @tomdeblass @danaherjohn @garrytonon @gordonlovesjiujitsu and these are just the "grapplers" from his team. Prof Deblass could have been UFC champ if he stuck with #mma while Tonnon recently had a dominant mma debut. Don't be surprised if Gordon competes in mma soon! UFC champs like Chris Weidman, Frankie Edgar and the GOAT GSP trace their lineage to the master and the fight genius Danaher.
#bjjart #danaherdeathsquad #renzogracie #renzogracieteam #rga

Since I don't have talent in playing basketball, I just decided to become the official bag carrier and driver of the muses for CSA 96.
Don't be fooled by their looks, these girls are hilarious 😂

Music has Elvis, basketball has Lebron, and the submission grappling world has @gordonlovesjiujitsu ! He isn't nicknamed the "King" for nothing. In 2017, he competed for the first time at the #adcc and submitted and beat a lot of former champions and top grapplers to win gold in his division and silver in the absolute. He is part of the #danaherdeathsquad from the Renzo Gracie Academy. Let's see how he does in the gi😄I've also included my sketch and basic ink on this post. #bjjart

Good training yesterday at @teamvaloresbjj ! Thankful that I get to teach and train with these awesome people! Afternoon 530-630 fundamentals, 7-830 drills and spar then evening fundamentals 830-940pm. My body hurts now hahahaha!

@garrytonon aka The Lion Killer! One of the most exciting grapplers on the planet, this guy goes for the kill all the time, like everyone from the #danaherdeathsquad ! He also made his successful #mma debut for @onechampionship where he showcased his high level striking. Future mma champion for sure!
#bjjart #garrytonon #leglocker

One of the best American grapplers and someone who inspires and motivates people to keep going, Prof @tomdeblass ! Always posts truth bombs that offend pansy ass people😂. #bjjart #teamrenzogracie

Win or learn, always proud of my students for stepping up and do the hard work. Purple belt adult division was full of killers! At the end of the day, @teamvaloresbjj is our family. Good times, bad times, tough times, it's all the same to us. Everyone goes out of their comfort zones and does something to make the team a little bit better than before. Our gratitude to one another is not just through words of "thanks" but rather, actions of giving something back. #bjjfamily

Mr #ashigarami @danaherjohn ! One of the most brilliant minds in #grappling and martial arts in general, he has trained top #grapplers and #mma champions. He leads a squad of submission specialists who are more popular in the grappling world as the #danaherdeathsquad or #dds for short. He is a student of the master himself, @renzograciebjj !

23 second video of some of the process my tribute to #dragonballsuper went through up to the final piece. #android17 you da real mvp! #ultrainstinct #goku #jiren #universe7 #dragonball #dragonballz #dragonballart

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