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Mark Entrata  Brazilian Jiujitsu Brown Belt ||Head Instructor VALORES-90/Eight BJJ Pages Brothers-MANILA || follow @teamvaloresbjj || art by me and my daughter😄

Some of our girls at @teamvaloresbjj !

Thank you @hollowrockph for this gi. Please check out their online store to order.
#hollowrock #hollowrockph #hollowrockphilippines

Happy birthday grandmaster Helio Gracie. Thank you for the art of #brazilianjiujitsu !

DREAM THEATER IN MANILA! Great music, great friends.

Happy Birthday to my wife @my_pepperoni who is now more of an inspiration to me more than ever. More than a year ago, she made the life-changing decision to be vegan. It started because of health reasons but she kept doing more research about veganism and ended up becoming an ethical-vegan. Don't worry, she's not the vegan nazi type. Before that, she was already the most compassionate person that I know of. Always putting others first before her. She is an amazing wife and mother and she is also a great daughter, always making sure her dad is ok.
When she discovered veganism, I felt that she finally found her passion in life, much like when I found jiujitsu. I remember jiujitsu for me before was just about learning how to fight. Then it became more to improve myself as a person to the point that I teach as a service for others. My wife is the same when she talks about veganism to me. She does it out of compassion for the animals and nature in general. Does she miss beef, pork, chicken and seafood? Yes she does! But as she puts it "the lives of these animals are more important than my taste buds." Man, right there, I fell in love more with her!
Her discovering veganism has also made her discover a lot of other things like minimalism and really, discovered more about herself and changed the way she looks at things and life in general. She continues to learn and discover things and would tell me about them. Those who know me, know that I love being around people who will teach me something to better myself and the world.
I never thought I'd be more in love with this woman than I already was. I was wrong.
I try to better myself everyday because of her and what she does. I'm still far from where I want to be, especially on becoming vegan, but I keep trying and she's there to help me, like with everything else I try to do in life.
Happy Birthday my love.

I haven't drawn in a LONG time and this is my first time drawing in a more "cartoon" style. My first attempt to draw the GREATEST JIUJITSU competitor of All Time @rogergracie !

Such a huge honor for me to be invited by my 4th year HS adviser, Mrs Ma Chriserla Ruega Padlan, to do a talk during CSA's Alumni Day. I was assigned to the honors section of Grade 10 which coincidentally, was the class of my 3rd year HS adviser, Ms Questa (I keep forgetting her married name). Some of the things that went down during my talk:

1. I asked the class "so, this is the honors section, correct?" and the students replied "no, it's not." Then I replied "oh good, coz I can't relate to those guys!" Turns out, it actually was the honors class. Not a good start. I had to win the crowd back and told them that I couldn't relate to them studying so much. That they were a special group of kids that were in that section for 3 reasons: a. They are hard working students. b. They are naturally intelligent. c. They are a combination of both.
2. I also asked them who were into Lord of the Rings, heavy metal music, martial arts and other things. I told them that I asked those because I wanted to find what makes us more alike than how different we are. That the world is in such bad shape because people would rather focus on what makes others different (religion, skin color, financial status etc) from them rather than find common ground.
3. I told them my personal definition of success. That for me, it's not how much money you have but rather, it's how much positive impact you have in this world and to the people around you. How you can influence others to do good things and be of service to others.
4. I asked them if all of them knew how to speak Filipino. Thankfully, they all said yes. I told them that the problem we have in our country is that we lack legitimate patriots. That we should not be loyal to one man or woman or a political party. That our loyalty should be to our country.
5. I told them the single question I once in a while ask myself to make sure if I'm doing the right thing or not, and that question is "Will my high school teachers be proud of me?". Why, because our teachers will always want us to do the right thing. Always.

Taken a few months ago. Really miss how chill summertime is. And yeah, that's me playing acoustic guitar😄while my wife was the one taking the video.

Thank you @manilakimonos for Adriana's first gi! She loves it!

The King and I. I was fortunate enough to have met the GREATEST BRAZILIAN JIUJITSU competitor of all time, @rogergracie a couple of times here in Manila. He cemented that title by winning his super fight against the only other man to have 10 world titles, Marcus Buchecha Almeida, via choke! Buchecha was 8 years younger, 25lbs heavier and recently just won his 5th worlds title in weight and absolute, while Roger has been out of sport bjj for 5 years, save for his super fight against Comprido (former 2x absolute world champion) a few years ago, where he won via submission also. NO DOUBT, he is THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!

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