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Mark Entrata  Brazilian Jiujitsu Brown Belt ||Head Instructor VALORES-90/Eight BJJ Pages Brothers-MANILA || follow @teamvaloresbjj || art by me and my daughter😄

Congratulations to the master, @ricksongraciejj , on the red belt promotion. I drew this I believe around 2 years ago.

In my opinion, @rogergracie is the best grappler of all time. During his peak in sport jiujitsu, his matches would end in a submission. He has submitted world champions of other weight classes (even those heavier than him). His two matches with Jacare in the absolute, i believe he won. Why I also consider him the best is because he's also been in bad situations (Terere 2004, Werdum 2005 ADCC) but came back to submit his opponents.
I believe that at the black belt, he's the only guy to submit Xande, Werdum and Jacare. He did that in one tournament.
He never relied in points or advantages to win his world titles. Everyone of them was a dominant campaign.

What he's done, I don't think has ever been duplicated. His dominance was just something else! He's been a way for a long time in sport Jiujitsu but Im confident that he will come out victorious against Buchecha.
#imwithroger #teamroger #teamgracie

I've said this over and over again but for me, the most meaningful part of my Jiujitsu journey are the lifelong friends that I have made.
Some may have gained weight, look a little bit wiser, moved to a different country, changed Jiujitsu belts a few times and everything in between, but our friendship remains. I'm fortunate to have these amazing human beings by my side to continue to help me better myself, on and off the mats.
It's been a while since Stephanie Singson, Paolo Chu, Ric Matic, Gino Salta and I were on the same picture. I'm glad we were able to get one last night. Would've been better if Don Yonzon , Ronaldo Tots David, Dennis Chua and Jef Lim were there too!

Huge thanks to @manilakimonos for sending me their latest gi! This gi is so light it feels like im wearing pajamas! Limited pcs available so if I were you, i'd order asap!

Under a Glass Moon solo cover. Probably my fave Dream Theater song. I remember playing this back in 1996.

Mr Cornell, you will never be Outshined.
My quick tribute to one of the greatest vocalists ever.

I still remember when she was my girlfriend, she would cry every time it was her birthday because she would think of her mom who died when she was just 5 years old. Her memory of her mom is very hazy and most of the things she knew about her were just through the stories of her dad, her sister ate Poch, and brother Kuya William Wijangco and tita Clara Esguerra. She would also look at her mom's old pictures and you could see that in her mind, all she could think about are the "what if's?". What I admire about her is that despite growing up without a mother, she did not use that as an excuse to be a terrible one. In fact, she became the opposite. How, on a daily basis, she single handedly takes care of Adriana, her 89 year old father and myself is nothing short of AMAZING and INSPIRING. She is a great role model for Adriana because of her humility, patience, simplicity, selflessness and genuine love for people and the environment (she has been an ethical vegan for over a year now. No, don't worry, not the Nazi kind. Also, she will kill cockroaches given the chance). Not all fathers are dads, and not all mothers are moms. I am very fortunate and grateful that my daughter is blessed to have a mom like her. Sometimes, listening to them talk to each other just puts a smile on my face because of how close they are and how my daughter is becoming more and more like her mother, except for taste in music, thank goodness.
Happy mom's day my love. Thanks for being a constant inspiration to me and Adriana by being who you truly are. We love you.

Congrats to my brotha @atticusking and kim for delivering a healthy, beautiful baby girl, #amarastormking !

Around 2007 i think. Part of Dream Theater's instrumental masterpiece, Erotomania.

Throw back to last year. Probably the last time i played a serious guitar solo. Here I am playing to Testament's Electric Crown. Im planning to play again soon! I think.

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