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Lots of messages coming in from people attending my theory day in Nottingham tomorrow. I'm very much looking forward to meeting you all.
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I am beyond excited to attend @markcolesm10 Physique camp tomorrow with my friend @adam.l.nguyen in Notthingham. Can't wait to learn from one of the most knowledgable and respected person in the fitness industry. 🙌🏻 #knowledgeispower #education #physiquecoach #m10 #nottingham

If I had a pound for the amount of females I see jumping up and down in gyms.
The goal clearly is glute development, but how many of you really know if they're doing anything?
Box jumps are exercises that have been designed to build lower body explosive power.
Now unless you're trying to develop power for a specific sport, why would you even consider training that element?
Even if I was training someone to increase their power, they would have to be strong before I would even consider adding them in to their programming.
Let's look at what women are really after, it's muscle development right? It's not one rep max lifting, it's not speed and it's certainly not explosive power.
In most workouts that are created for glute development, you could take out nearly 50% of the exercises as they're not complimentary to developing muscle. -
When you're trying to develop your glutes this is what you need.
✅ The ability to recruit your glutes and make sure they're being used during each exercise.
✅ Exercises that load the glutes (stretched or lengthened range).
✅ Exercises that allow you to fully shorten the glutes.
✅ Exercises that allow you to progressively add load to them over time (execution permitting).
The exercises you need to start with will train the right muscles in isolation first, (cables, seated abduction and adduction, single leg hip extension). Your exercise pool (exercises to choose from) in the beginning shouldn't be very big at all.
You then take time to progress to more loaded exercises such as RDL's, squats, leg press, lunges and deadlifts. Take time to get strong at these and you will develop awesome glutes.
By training the glutes, hamstrings, quads and spinal muscles in isolation for first, you will build a solid foundation. From here you will be able to progress to the exercises that will make the biggest difference to your physique.
Jumping up and down will only contribute to injury and will elevate your heart rate. It won't be doing anything to your glute development.
If it did, trust me I'd be teaching it.

I really enjoyed being on AJ's podcast. He was a great host and put a lot of time in to planning the questions.
Head over to the link in his bio to listen to it.
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🔥 NEW PODCAST with @markcolesm10 🔥

I was very honoured to have the opportunity to speak to Mark yesterday for an episode of Teen Muscle Radio, we touched on a variety of topics surrounding hypertrophy and I really enjoyed it :) I guarantee you'll love this one!

Links to the FULL Podcast are in my Bio ☝🏻️☝🏻

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Education is key! Been watching @markcolesm10 since before I became a PT and will continue to do so due to the quality of info this guys puts out. Still yet to consider myself a physique coach but seriously looking forward to this Saturday Physique Theory Seminar to learn more!

Once you get lean, how do you stay in shape?
Can you enjoy quality food, a social life and keep your abs?
Find out by clicking the link in my bio 💪

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Looking forward to heading down to Nottingham with @alba_lifestyle @sheona_lindsay & @aileen_2407 for @markcolesm10 physique camp theory day at the weekend.

Here’s what we’ll be learning this time:
* How to build your business as a physique coach * How to choose the right diet (from keto to carb cycling) * How to calculate the right calories from beginner to advanced * How to structure macro nutrients from day to day * How to know what to adjust as you go along (calories, training, cardio) * Advanced fat loss methods (re feeds, calorie cycling, double day workouts) * How to fully assess a physique (symmetry, balance) * How to design a periodised transformation training plan * How to develop weak body parts throughout a transformation * How to use cardio as a variable (from steady state to HIIT) * How to help females achieve leaner legs * How to present the final product (photo shoot, show etc)

If you don’t already follow Mark, go hit the follow button and have a look through his posts, he puts out some outstanding information on a daily basis.

It's one thing learning new information, it's another thing being able to deliver it.
This is why we spend so much time teaching you how to deliver your knowledge.
At each practical camp, every attendee gets the chance to coach each other through a large variety of exercises.
We oversee your coaching, and correct any areas that you're unsure of.
This way you're not simply recreating what we show you, you're delivering what you've experienced too.
Places are filling up quickly for the next weekend camp in May (27th & 28th).
For full camp information and pricing click the link in my bio.

The leg extension looks like a simple exercise, but it’s one which is performed incorrectly by so many people.
When you can do it right, it carries over to every other quad exercise.
Like I explain in so many of my videos on You Tube, locking down in the early days teaches you how to fully recruit your muscles from their proximal (closest to the mid line of the body) range to their distal (furthest away from the body). The advantage of this is when you do add in bigger exercises (such as squats or hacks), is that you’re in control of your muscles through their entire contractile range.
In video one I show you how I’m moving around a lot, and I’m also lifting my hips away from the seat pad. Whilst you will recruit your quads closest to your knee (often causing pain), the fibres closest to your hips will receive very little stimulation. The rectus femoris (runs right down the centre of your quads) attaches on to the ilium (hip). The more movement you have at the hips, the more you will alter the level of recruitment where the muscle originates.
When it comes to the carry over to exercises such as squats and hacks, you need to be able recruit your quad muscles from their fully loaded range right through to contraction. When you watch someone fall forward on to their knees (squatting) or lift their lower back off on the hack, it often identifies an inability to contract their quads where they originate (either at the top of the femur or at the ilium).
In the second clip you can see that I am sitting tall, locking my hips down by pulling hard in to the seat pad (what you can’t see is that I’m also pulling my hips back). So it’s pull down and back, and you will soon feel you rectus femoris kick in before you even move the load. You then stay locked in through the entire exercise, making sure you achieve peace contraction on every rep. Finally you must also keep tension on your quads through the whole set. You’ll soon see a big change to your quads, but also how this exercise carries over to many more quad exercises.

Brand new training programme from @scitec_uk featuring myself and the awesome @ryanjohnbaptiste coming very soon.
Adding the worlds best supplements to the very best training advice 💪
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How many of you are guilty of neglecting calf work, yet you're always the first to complain that they're not growing?
Calf training isn't hard to grasp, but it will take a good degree of commitment if you want to see any changes.
Just like many people who are genetically blessed with certain muscle groups, calves are no different. However don't let that stop you, they will respond if you follow these principles.
In clip one of the video you'll see that I'm simply bouncing up and down. There is no control at all and I'm paying no respect to the full range of the calf muscles. All I'm taking advantage of is the stretch reflex.
In clip two I start the movement at the fully lengthened position (stretched) by pausing and thinking about driving my heels up as high as I can get them. Another cue I'm thinking of is trying to plantarflex my foot (pointing it down). When I think I'm at the top, I then push up another inch to ensure I've reached peak contraction. Most of you can't get high enough because you're using way too much load. Go as light as you have to in order to reach peak contraction. If you cramp up there, it's because you're weak there. Most of you will be very weak.
You must drive up on to your tip toes, and minimise any ankle roll (laterally or medially). Rolling of the ankle limits plantarflexion (ability to get on to your toe).
Here are some extra tips 👍
✅ Train your calves 3 times a week
✅ Do a minimum of 100 reps per workout
✅ Mix it up between heavy sets of 8-10 and longer sets of higher reps 15 plus.
✅ Leave your ego at the door, if you're weak use a weight that's appropriate.
✅ If you're not growing muscle full stop (if your body weight isn't changing), expect your calves to be slow to respond too.
✅ Train your calves at the start of the workout, don't leave them to when you're tired.
✅ Find ways of extending the sets, rest pause and drop sets work great for calves.

For some triceps just respond to anything they do, for many they remain a stubborn body part.
For those who are still struggling, this exercise is one you MUST master.
It looks simple, but when performed correctly it will quickly highlight where your weakness lies.
Stand facing the cable stack, lock your scapula down and drive your triceps in to your lats.
Don't think about pushing the rope down, think about fully contracting your triceps by extending your elbow joint. The more you focus on pushing the rope down, the quicker you will lose tension in your triceps and it will move towards your elbow joint.
At any point if you feel or see movement coming from your shoulder joint, lock back down hard.
Make sure you keep tension on your triceps right from flexion to full elbow extension.
You can't build muscle on poor foundations, this exercise will help to make those foundations a lot more stable.

Intra workout carbs have and always will play a big part in my peri workout nutrition.
When you add them there is no doubt you can train harder. You won't notice energy dips half way through your sessions.
Pumps increase which will facilitate one of the main mechanisms of hypertrophy, cell swelling.
When you plan your peri workout nutrition right you will also find your recovery from training improves. If you can recover quicker, you can train more frequently.
INTRA EDGE by @scitecnutrition 👌

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