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Mark Tall  Days

We're felling pretty sexy in our new suits. Playing with the kids, reading signs on the wall and above the door reminding us of how things should be, dinner on a long table to serve the gang...all thanks to the silver fox, Don. Great weekend. Thanks for all the great times.

The smile says it all. Great times with the kids. Great times with the grandkids! Let's do this again.

The cute faces of Jude and pyper on land and on the lake. Thank you for coming to visit grandpa Mark in Idaho falls.

Then we hit the airshow at the Idaho falls airport. What a treat to have all the pilots here in Idaho including the locals. I think it was liked by all. The kids were waving at the pilots and smiling. Great shots, super hot, a lot of water consumed. Dinner time at Jakers restaurant when the show ended. Nice day.

John and Kim came up for the weekend to Idaho Falls to spend some time at grandpa's house. What a sweet weekend first we hit the lake. As you can see fun to be had by all. Both Judy and pyper became instant wakesurfers, with a little help from dad. What a chill day with the grandkids and the kids on the lake. Another place I like to call home.

Headed to island park to relax and take a fast ride on the motorcycle. Probably a little faster than I should, but Daren wasn't with me so a little more rotation on the throttle. That bike is a performance machine... I caught this picture on my moms phone. So thanks mom!!! Mt sawtell holds a great place in the memories of my life. We talked cabin talk and where things are now. This use to be my grandpas mountain home, now a memory in the old cabin. The surroundings have not changed in years. There is so much peace for me in island park, cabin or no cabin. Island park reservoir holds many memories of midnight waterskiing, camping, staying in Spencer's cabin and the list goes on... in the great outdoors I still call this mountain home, home to me. What a place.

Nature at its best. Beautiful mountains, rainstorms on the way home, sky filled with rainbows, palisades full, folllowed a sunset home. Love this place I call home.

Cross country riding took my all. I had to dig deep but made ... not sure what I made. Just enjoyed the trails. Trails were clean. Snow melting. Got to the top to capture the Tetons. Then dumped into mill creek. Started back up to the the top, I was out of juice but made it back to the car. Perfect day for this.

Hit and listened to this event while riding. I think the beat got me through. Then I dumped into mill creek. Killer.

After dinner the challenge came to jump in the canal. All 4 of them jumped after Velzy was pushed in and it didn't hurt. Velzy talked them all into jumping together. They said the bottom felt soft and slippery. Mick led the way to the hot tub. Showers for all, then off to bed. What a great place to be in Idaho. Our home in Idaho!!!

BBQ dinner at the house. Corn, veggies, fruit 🍉 salad and hamburgers. One of my favorite place to eat at my house.

I think she liked Idaho water at blacktail. What do you think?! Good job Ashley. Would not know she's been off this ski for 15 years. Welcome back.

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