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Mark Groaning  Nature inspires me to express it with Sculpted Steel, Glass, Paint and Textiles. www.markgroaningstudio.com Http://instacanv.as/mark_groaning


May your day be filled with beautiful skies and open roads, free of traffic.
Side note: the left side of the highway here is Interstate 81 South between Binghamton and Gibson New York. Road construction Traffic was funneling traffic down to one lane and traffic was backed up as a parking lot for miles. Soooooo happy not to be stuck in that mess.

What a wonderful idea...not mine, but I do appreciate the creative imagination responsible for this.

I am quite certain this is an alien from another solar system, visiting our planet.

It's a rainbow

Dutch baby=Giant oven baked pancake

#dutchbaby #ovenpancake

To my vegetarian and vegan friends, this would be a good time to look away...or stop reading.
To my omnivore and carnivore friends, listen up. What you see here is bacon, but not your average bacon, this is Buckboard bacon. It's amazing!
I think it's also known as shoulder bacon. We got this deliciousness from McCann's Local Meats and we were inspired to do so from our trip to Portugal last year. once you have this and fry it up like you do normally with bacon, I promise if you have an ounce of sense you will never go back to what you get in the big box stores.
It really is an amazing carnivore experience. Bacon lovers Unite!
#bacon #buckboardbacon #mccannslocalmeats #baconloversunite @mccannslocalmeats


Not exactly sure how this came to living in our Oasis, but I'm happy it's here.
#darkpurpleflower #lily #welcomehome #surprise #gardening #flowersoninstagram

There​ are many aspects of cooking that I love. Initially of course to me it's the colors and the sound that each vegetable makes as it's being quartered and diced as well as aroma of garlic, cracked pepper and each of the vegetables.
The next aspect that I love is that I really don't have a recipe that I'm following when I am creating soups and stews. I gather a variety of vegetables, spices and herbs and begin adding them to the collection inside the big Soup pot. I am drawing from past experiences as well as whatever happens to inspire me at that particular moment. It's a random mixture that cooks down into deliciousness.
This particular concoction includes mostly the broth from soup that I froze that was left over from the last batch ,spicy sausage, fresh beets, parsnips, turnips, carrots, can of seasoned chili beans and a can of hominy. The hominy adds a flavor similar to corn chips to the soup. Put all that on the stove on low heat for an hour or so and you've got stew that will last you the rest of the week... Insofar as how we divide it up. If I make too much to consume within a week, I freeze the rest. Cooking is fun and it's a lot like my artwork work in that that I pretty much make it up as I go along.

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