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THE MENTOR  Helping grow business in our own backyard. 🖥: 🎧: The Mentor @podcastoneau Find out more here 👇

Always great seeing @larryemdur & @kyliegillies chatting about the challenges facing anyone in or wanting to start a business, and of course my Mentor Masterclass Tour in February 2019.. #mentormasterclass #business #leadership #mentor #mentored

This week's podcast features Captain Richard de Crespigny, from Qantas, who speaks about his book "Fly" and how his life changing experience landing the QF32 can translate to elements of business resilience such as knowledge, team work, leadership, decision making and risk. Released Friday.

#resilience #knowledge #teamwork #leadership @mentored_au

People ask how I put in up to 80 hours a week on my work - it’s because I love it. I’m obsessed. In the same way that a rock climber gets charged up for summiting a mountain, I get fired up and laser-focused about my businesses and projects.

Things can still be hard and turn to s**t - but having the passion for what you do turns challenges and setbacks into opportunities.

#committed #obsessed #bringiton #mentored @mentored_au

Thanks for having me @thetodayshow to talk about my upcoming Mentor Masterclass Tour.. #thementor #todayshow

I want to introduce Matthew Holland, Managing Director of @mentoredbusinesssales. He’s made a hugely successful business from creating a trusted, reputable business broking platform – helping to make selling a business in Australia or internationally quick and easy.

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Your mind is fooling itself if you believe you can decide on an action tomorrow. Now is all you will ever have, so use it. Open a notepad and jot down your three big rocks to crack this week (or better yet, share them)

Owning a business can be a lonely place. Some friends and I are changing all that - including Craig West, CEO of In the latest podcast we talk about the mentorship movement, and why asking for help isn’t just okay, it’s cool. 🎧 listen now on @podcastoneau

The podcast, the TV show and now are all to bring small business owners together to build a strong community - and prove you don’t have to go it alone.

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80% of your results are coming from 20% of your work. Focusing on the important
stuff means getting more bang for your buck.
What are you going to do to crush your big goals?

Last chance to get your special intro price tickets! Offer ends 6pm tomorrow. Link in bio.


What are the risks in your business? Don't sit around saying, "That'll never happen," you need to manage your risks.

If you're ready to learn more, I’ll be taking the stage for the Mentored Masterclass and this will be your last chance to get special intro-price tickets (offer ends 6pm Friday - link in bio). Brisbane - 21 Feb
Melbourne - 25 Feb
Sydney - 27 Feb

Whatever stage you are in business, this is for you. Make a commitment to yourself, your goals and your family - tag anyone you know who needs to be there.

#mentored #entrepreneur #inspiration #business #boss #hustle #work #mindset #manifest epitomises the global concept of mentorship and reinforces the fact that it's okay, and necessary, to ask questions. In Friday's podcast CEO Craig West talks more about how it's building a community and improving the lives of small business owners holistically.

This week I kicked back with entrepreneur @mattpurcellofficial as he laid down his cards on the journey to date. Watch more at (link in bio)

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