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Unrelated caption: if you ever needed someone to ignore the giant elephant in the room, give me a call.
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The moon was really that big that day. You know what's crazy? I just checked out the date this pic was taken. August 1st, 2015, 6:18 AM. I thought it was evening. But it was actually early morning. And I can't believe it's been two years already. You really can't trust your mind and your memories, can you?

maybe i add sth to the caption later. Maybe not.
Music: sleepwalker by #BreakMyFuckingSky

Oh but how we learned to keep silent, to keep the screams locked in, to keep going despite the crippling pain, to keep away.
We used to tell each other everything and die a little bit for each other's suffering. Now we keep the smile on and suffer alone. #forbetterorworse

We were together we thought we'd last forever we said to hell with photographs we don't need them. I wish i had taken one of us though, sometimes it becomes difficult to remember your face. Sometimes I wonder if we had ever been together or I'd just mapped the shape of your mouth in my mind. It's been years and all the memories are almost gone now.

I almost had you...I thought you were something tangible, something corporeal to touch, to smell, to love, to hate
But you were a voice inside my head, sometimes even less, a void, a loss, nothingness. I thought it didn't need to make sense, the two of us inside this void, but you were the void and i inside of you.
I should have known. I should have left. You should have let me.

Even thorns are beautiful. You just need to gain an appreciation for pain, and learn how to smile through it.

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چقدر جدا شدن از چیزی که آدم تا دیروز خیال میکرد تا ابد نمی تواند از آن جدا شود، آسان است.

Time...i have a bad grasp on time. I haven't seen you in years. You laugh, 'but we just met yesterday.' How many years is yesterday?

I am inside a yellow box
Filled with liquid anxiety
Someone knocks
At the lid and I coil back
Deep into myself
Where monsters dwell
Under pavement cracks
I wish it were you
Reaching down to grab my hand...

خندیدن بهتر از گریه کردن است، به خصوص وقتی که هر دوی آنها بی فایده باشد.
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