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When your hair gets to the level of a mermaid hair you can just stop wearing shirts and cover your tits with your hair instead 😍🌺🌸 Hoping that actually one day I'd be able to do that in public bc bare boobs are the best boobs 😘 #freethenipple #loveyourbody

#smoothiebowl for the precious one ✨ I really gotta start making smoothies more often!
I always think they're so boring to prepare - but oh well, how good are they though?? And the preparing gets far from boring when I get excited... heh #greensmoothie #healthyfoodshare #plantbased #plantpower

Tänään pilvisenä tiistaina mä koin olevani enemmän minä ja enemmän vapaa ja enemmän enemmän enemmän__ kuin mitä pitkään aikaan! Voin myös aidosti sanoa olevani ylpeä itsestäni! Ihanaa päivää, pitäkää silmät ja mieli auki 🌞🌎🌍🌏

reminder: remember to love yourself. remember to breathe.

belated birthdaywishes here on instagram to you @tneya !!! it's been so so nice catching up with you and I hope the rest of your trip is going to be amazing ✨please do all the crazy things you've always dreamed of doing - but also, remember to take it easy on cloudy days.

@tneya photography 👑🥐

this is for my special someone, I love you 💘

It's far from great, but at least i'm going somewhere I guess. I have been feeling v low recently, but it's part of this life - no highs without lows, no black without white. And hey, flowers don't bloom all year long 🌻

funny how life is just how it is 🌿

160217 mango unicorn

Been making this super good (and easy!) alternative to salad! It's just a homemade flatbread topped with cashew spread and fresh veggies 🌿💜 #vegan

homemade #vegan sushi is so freaking good 💜💜 lovetan

after growing out my fringe again and again it's finally back after a two-year break 😛🌿

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