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Mariya Sadovnychenko  Originally from 🇺🇦 second homeland 🇫🇮 currently based in 🇫🇷

Tb to pretty streets of Antwerp😻(and their funny names)

The working week is finally over and two day offs ahead👻Feeling the friday mood😎

Don't know what is it about this photo that I like that much, is it the fact that it's a cafe in Paris or the perfect order of the chairs and the whole setup or just the red colour🤔

Feeling like a marshmallow 🍬I decided to start wearing more colours, but every morning, when waking up to work sleepy and grumpy, I end up with safe option, choosing black. Hands up, who feels the same in the mornings😸

It's an ordinary photo from Louvre, but because of the pretty sun light game on it, it deserves a place in my insta feed😎☀️

Filling my camera with photos of beutiful buildings seems to be my favorite hobby. I can't walk by the beautiful building without taking a picture of it. When walking with my travel company in a new place, I'm usually the last one. You can spot me somewhere 50 meters behind the others, standing in front of something considered pretty, camera in my hands, trying to capture it on my memory card. Then I have these tonns of architecture photos waiting to be published in social media and most of the time, they remain there forgotten😸This pretty house just craved to be captured in my Instagram feed😻

Have been living in France for three month now and finally got to visit Paris this weekend 😻Last time I was in Paris in 2014 and have been craving to go there again since then. Paris didn't let me down this time either, felt as magical as always. Spent there one whole day, which ofc wans't enough, have to plan a new trip at some point😼 I don't care how cliché is the fact that I love Paris, the city is really special🗼
Travelling has become my life passion number 1 lately. I really don't think there is anything as exciting as travelling in life. Never will I have enough of words and emotions to express how happy I am for having the opportunity to travel.

In one year I've seen so many amazing things, which I thought I would never even get chance to see. It reminds me that there should be always place for dreams in my head. Dreams lead to actions at the end. I'm not saying that immediately, but eventually. It's not just pretty motivation quote, it's a fact. I'm also not saying that it will be exactly as you dreamt it to be, it might be even better😉💫 I always wanted to see a "Cinderella castle", I think this one is pretty close to it😻

One thing I will never get bored of looking at are those pretty cookies. Not once have I passed by a shopwindow with macarons without staring or taking a photo of them. It's not even about the taste (although I love it), it's about the looks. How can a simple thing like cookie be that aesthetic?😻

Vegas baby😎This place has a really special vibe, which I understood and felt after departure, missing it😿

Do you ever think of what happened behind the beautiful picture you see? Funny story behind this photo is that those pretty heels cost me my legs on that day and ruined my mood. It just didn't cross my mind that I might end up walking through half of Vegas strip barefoot back to the hotel. 👀Afterwords, I like thinking of that evening with a smile, because it will always remain in my mind. Besides, you have to suffer a little bit for beauty, right?💁🏻

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