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Maristella  14 • shawty got class 😉

Nope, not me

ML: NotYourPeppa
Ros: PeppaPigOink

Amphitrite < Moana


Imma look for bæ real quick ◼🛑

I dont really drink coffee pero you're the coffee that I need in the morning ❤ 📷 @s.palmez

Kamukha ko si Marcus 😱

My first love.

I'll do drama muna before anything happens hehe, so 2008? 2009? I saw a vid of him singing 'with you' by Chris Brown. He's my first fandom, naalala ko I kept on taking pictures of him sa music video ng 'Baby' and everything.
Then ya boi dated Selena I wuz lyk yea its fine as long as he's happy, everyone's telling me na I should stop fangirling over him cos he wont ever notice me but ya girl continued.
Haters sayin that he's gay and everything pero I didn't mind them nalang bcos I now he's not pero found myself din defending him
He dated girls I cried cos of my kaartehan 😅 pero oks lang cos I'm happy naman for him, » purpose world tour "manila"

Mixed feelings cos pupunta siya sa Manila, ipon here ipon there! But then 'Cancelled tour' potek ready na eh but then maybe may next tour siya here sa Manila
I also made friends on the internet bcos of him sing, make kwentos, laugh, etc

Never a time na I got tired on him
I've watched his movies, videos, covers, short clips and seen him in his heartbreaks.
I was too proud & happy for you when you went to Tacloban to help them. I'm happy, and so my heart is.
I even saw vids of you surprising fans, dreaming of maybe one day I might be one of them na. Maybe lang naman
Nag fangirl ako sa iba but never forgotten you.

Then this news came up. You announced that you're already engaged. Boi it really really broke my heart, I thought it was just a joke pero its not, cant do anything but to support and love you.

Babe, all these years 9? 10?, I'm still praying that maybe one day i'll have the chance to watch you perform live, see you live, na we'll be breathing in the same place. I just cant believe na my first love broke my heart for the first time :(. Pero I am happy and proud at the same time.

I'm happy that you found her, your love, I know you'll be a great husband to your wife and great dad to your kids.
Dreaming that maybe in another world it would be me and you, that maybe its us.

I'll keep you in my heart forever and ever. You are my greatest love, my everything
I love you very much, and will always love you.
@justinbieber ❤

I'm way too up to back down

Yellow x Pink


Olegg!!! ❤️

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