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M A R I S S A ☀️ B L A K E  🌞🌿Guided by nature🍃🌝 📍Oahu, Hawaii ✨Be your own muse.✨

It seems so surreal being back in the place where I started my travels a year and a half ago. 🌴
I’ve been through a roller coaster of ups and downs, scary times, exciting times, built endless loving relationships, and traveled many miles. This adventure of mine has provided me with a newfound independence and taught me how to be competent and self sufficient in the hardest of times. I know my posts always appear so lustrous, but I have worked my a** off to create this lifestyle for myself...and let me tell you, it isn’t always sunsets and rainbows (only in the photos 😉). •Everyone has curveballs thrown at them in the most unexpected times...but it’s how you bat the ball that makes the difference.•

Beautifully welcomed in 2018 surrounded by skyscraping luscious trees, unforgettable live music, and the glittering faces of those I love...I think it’s going to be a magical year 🌿✨🦄

Make every day Earth Day 🌏

Feeling crabby.....never! 🦀

Let your imagination
s o a r

The true success is the person who invented herself. 🕊
📷: @chrisauret

Let your smile change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile. 😊

:: to shine faintly with a wavering light✨

#payitforward ☀️

Flipping right into summer down under 😎

What floats your boat? ⛵️

Every morning you have two choices:
...continue sleeping with your dreams,
...or wake up and chase them. 🌥

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