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Marissa Jensen  throw some glitter make it rain

Just because it's ur birthday doesn't mean we all forgot about the fact that you were booed off the stage in the 4th grade talent show or that you're obsessively in love with me even though you won't just let me have your location like a normal person

Last night we got a $10 funnel cake and then later a boy in the crowd handed me a $20 bill and took my half-empty, crumpled up water bottle and promptly ran. Going off of his appearance, he probably should've been running straight to the medical tent but whatever because we then had the funds to get TWO funnel cakes. So anyway, here is a photo we took. For the record, we weren't on drugs. Just really excited about funnel cakes.

Everything hurts but everything is happy!!!✨✨✨✨✨
Alt caption: guess what my spine surgeon is never allowed allowed to know about

Week 2 of not talking to Keith until he cuts his hair. We miss him, but we are staying strong.

"Ok play It's Tricky by Run DMC or literally anything from the Shrek 2 soundtrack"

This is also the most affection she's literally ever shown me so soak it in baby

It's Sasha's birthday so here's a photo of us after getting into a SCREAMING, door-slamming fight on vacation and then literally kissing and making up after not talking for a day and a half. Thanks for growing up with me and also being very clever in the department of helping me come up with really good cover stories when we were 16 and told our parents we were doing things that we actually weren't. Happy birthday sissy I LOVE U🌟🌞💛

Can u tell we took this in line for the bathroom

Here's my mom and I spending all of our money on concert tickets and jalapeño nachos

School starts tomorrow. This is how I'm going to present myself (flirty&friendly) to my peers in order to make friends that will send me their study guides.

Imagine being the actual dirty heads and playing a show at a festival in LITERAL garden grove. Like imagine your tour bus driving through Little Saigon past the Costco on Main Street and playing a set.

Did not ask for any reptiles to be placed on my shoulders

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