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Happy #spring everyone! It is such a beautiful day to look at #wildflowers !

March 21st, 2016- the day I was told I had 2 brain tumors and my life changed forever. This is a photo of me at the cancer center getting a very #painful #spinaltap done. I was crying pretty much the whole time because it hurt so bad, but I am lucky. Lucky to be alive and in remission. Although I struggle with other health issues, I am honored to continue to fight for not only myself, but all the beautiful children, teens and young adults I met who weren't blessed with another chance at life. #braintumor #pituitarytumor #pinealtumor

It is exhausting fighting against my own body every day. It is hard trying to only show the positive side of myself and not all the struggle, tears, pain and loneliness. A couple years ago, I thought my future was endlessly bright. Then, chronic illness invaded my dreams and my reality. I've spent most of college in my bed or being poked and prodded by doctors. I try to stay strong, but sometimes the struggle really feels like it is breaking me. I fall asleep at night dreaming of a healthy body again. #chronicillness #chronicpain

I have the cutest #kitten ever 💗

I was hesitant to post this, but I figured if it helped one person know that they are not alone and that having a mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, it would be worth it. Even people you think have a great life struggle. #endthestigma #1in5 #youarenotalone #anxiety #generalizedanxietydisorder

Happy to say bye to the worst year of my life. Here's to a wonderful and blessed 2017! 🎉 #kitten #dog #cotondetulear

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame #thisiscle #cleveland #longliverock

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