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Marissa  CTX 20💜💛

Life tried to crush her, but only succeeded in creating a diamond 💎It is almost invisible illness awareness week, so I am sharing this. I choose to hide my illnesses as much as possible because I don't want to be treated any differently. My social media accounts will never show how my life has been devastated by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Chronic, invisible illness is my day to day reality. #invisibleillness #ehlersdanlossyndrome #butyoudontlooksick #dysautonomia #pots #connectivetissuedisorder #autoimmunedisease #braintumor #arthritis

@brookekotrla @reggiethecav I had a great time with you! You are beautiful and strong and I love your dog. 💗

I am so heartbroken over the tragedy in Vegas. Only a couple of weeks ago, the strip was calm. I am grateful to be alive since it could have just as easily been me or even you. I can't imagine how difficult the coming days and years will be for the family and friends of those killed. I know God will welcome all of the victims with open arms. Keep praying for everyone.

I have dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower for years...I was so excited to see one in Las Vegas. Fun fact, it is half the size of the one in Paris. #lasvegas #parisinvegas #eiffeltower

Dreaming of growing up to be a beautiful princess with unlimited @meowbox #meowboxnaps

Dreaming of all the toys she will grow up to destroy😸 #meowboxnaps @meowbox

Have fun in college best friend @alyselynnn UT just got one amazing girl #hookemhorns

I found a #dandelion in the backyard today and I'm pretty happy about it. 🌞💫

I saw the famous Austin bats for the first time and it was great #bats #congressavenuebridge #austinbats 🦇

My dream of making care bags for ALS patients and their families came true today! Thank you Mom for supporting and helping me make this a thing! It is so incredible to see a dream you thought was so far fetched become reality. I really want this to become a nationwide non-profit someday. #strikeoutals #als #alsawareness

This is the prettiest #sunflower I have ever seen 🌻 #flower #flowers #garden

One of my favorite things about my family is we have grown our own flowers, vegetables, fruit and herbs for decades. Nothing makes me happier than going outside to see sunflowers taller than me! #gardening #garden #sunflowers #sunflower #zinnias #flowerbed #crepemyrtle #zinnia #flowerbeds

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