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マリスカ  - i perceive life through a rose-tinted glasses

"you deserve a lot, but above all, you deserve to be happy" and dont let anyone make you think otherwise 🐯🐯

to the kindest, sweetest, nicest, carest, and purest person in the whole world.

happy birthday, love.

thank you for always making me look bigger in pictures hehe.


happy new year 2017 hehe 📸@leannaleonardo

before snapchat filters


this is me looking at my brighter future because viviyan always help me with my life choices.

because viviyan is my therapist, motivator, calculator, guru les mtk geografi and basically every other mapel, love doctor (eaeaa), mommy, daddy, and best best friend.

let's spend 18479689537895 more birthdays together.

생일 축하, 비비. 사랑해.

we've spent the last 6+ years learning, growing, and laughing over the receh-est jokes together. here's to another year(s) 🍻 💕

ew you're old

very pretty i die #discovernz