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Marisa Sylvestre △⃒⃘ ⚯͛  TwentyFour • PerpetualExhaustion • MigrantSoul • LandPirate • SportsFan • StayCold • StayClassy • ClassicScumbag • NBWB •📍Florida for now 🦈

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTFRIEND! 6 years you've been by me and I'd be lost without you, I love you bb! Happy birthday old lady 🖤🖤

I looked like a cute, grungey little ham last night 🤘🏻

So happy I got to hang with @nadiaaat @conorink and the rest of the @ice9kills crew last night 🤘🏻

"Dressed up" for Easter

All my pictures look exactly the same... so here's another

I'm going to miss my Journeys girls so so much 😔💔

🎶 what could you possibly see, in a failure like me 🎶

Nothing's changed. 🤙🏻

🎶 She's a witch, she's a mess, she's a waste of time
Damsel in distress on a steep decline
When all she wants is someone to keep her warm 🎶

🎶 Leave me in the dark with a hole for a heart
As low as I can get, burn the bridge, rip the stitch out 🎶

Disney Death Stares ft. @shaunarayyy

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