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Marisa Vitale  California Dreaming in Venice Beach ✌️🌴☀️// 📷Interiors. Products. Travel. Life Twins mama 👫@marisavitalefamily Grief project @alettertoyouproject

Some of my favorite love moments have happened in Malibu, including my own wedding at the Malibu Nature Preserve and many engagement shoots at Malibu Creek State Park and along the coast. Heart is simply breaking for the devastation in Malibu and beyond. Currently Putting together an item for auction over at who will be raising money to help support rebuilding and the victims of the #woolseyfire. You can also donate directly to @lafdfoundation @redcrossla @baby2baby California we 💗 you!

Today over on @kidandcoe, I’m highlighting why my family and I love living in Venice Beach. Haven’t heard of @kidandcoe? It’s basically Airbnb for families, every home is equipped with all your family friendly needs & their homes are all over the world! Head on over to their gram and get a little a glimpse in their stories of how we roll here on the Westside 🚲 ✌️🌴💗#bringthekids

Beauty in the simplicity ✨.
Home offered by @veronohomes
Evening hosted by @oursacredwomen

What she said. DO IT. VOTE!!! If you want change, you must use your power to vote ✌️☮️❤️
Best campaign @voteyourchange by @morganpansing @ladyluofthewolves @gabweiss #vote #voteyourchange

A weekend filled with good ol’ fashioned naturing in Topanga. Good for the soul ✨💗

It’s definitely not spooky but it’s where I’ve been all day. Editing these photos while also being inside the space as this is also my co-working space office, and well, that is a little spooky. @festoon_la is ready to be booked for parties, photo shoots, events, etc!

October is infant and pregnancy loss awareness month. Are you aware that 1 in 4 women have a miscarriage? That women often have more miscarriages than pregnancies?!?! Chances are, you know not one but a handful of women who have gone through such grief and loss. Not everyone talks about it and some are grieving behind closed doors. These are just a handful of women who have been so brave to share themselves and their hearts and their losses through the grief project I’ve started @alettertoyouproject . The project is simple, you write a letter to someone you’ve lost. But it turns out, that’s not actually that simple at all. It’s hard to peel away the layers to tap into the grief again, to find the time in our busy lives to sit down and allow to be in this space, the bravery to address that person you lost and face their absence and the vulnerability to then share their hearts with the world. But the thing is, the more people talk about it, the more awareness their is, and the more space we can hold for our loved ones and in return, space to be held. Cannot thank these women enough for stepping forward to participate in this project @rachdesztich @oursacredwomen @therealerinway @patriciaerins @honeymyheart. Head over to @alettertoyouproject to read their beautiful letters they have written to their children they have lost. And on this last day of October, take an extra moment to remember those little ones lost and another to reach out to someone who lost a child and let them know you’re thinking of them. Because grief doesn’t just go away....

Being empowered means using your voice to call for change. So thankful to @morganpansing @gabweiss & @ladyluofthewolves for creating the @voteyourchange campaign to allow us all to SCREAM for change! You simply must head over to @voteyourchange and share share share so everyone can run, not walk to vote on Nov. 6th #vote

Today over on @glitterguide is the @almostmakesperfect home tour of Molly Madfis, a neutral, minimalist masterpiece of a home. Truly felt cleaner after I left, like stepping in her home gave me a good rinse. Thanks Molly for the calming vibes and a rest for my eyes

I know it seems as if I don’t work anymore according to Instagram. But I do. Struggling a bit in the social media realm. I should be posting work, but here I am again posting a quick trip we took to Joshua Tree this weekend. Right now, this is what is calling my heart and especially after #midlandretreats I know I just gotta listen to it. Moved by this planet and its beauty and feeling so fortunate to be able to share it with my family and friends over the weekend. Interiors will come back at some point, I swear 😉 Lost a bunch of followers in my recent silence but that’s okay cause hey, this is me, I’m fickle....#marisavitaletravels

A week ago I feel like I was a different person. Through a collective circle we cried, laughed, shared our grief and insecurities, held each other, made a space that was without judgement and with open hearts. 13 years ago, I was also a different person. I was one that had a mom that offered all of these qualities to me as well. Hadn’t realized until today, the anniversary of her passing, that what happened in Taos was as close to a motherly love you can get without having her here. I felt her there. A lot. A lot, a lot. And I still see her dragonfly messengers everywhere. What is she trying to tell me? I realized that the grief I still hold in my heart is also greatly due to not knowing exactly what happened to her. That without closure I’m still searching and seeking and questioning and replaying in my mind what could have happened to her. And it’s so brutal and horrid that it often distracts me from feeling her deep loving spirit. Still trying to find ways to heal even this many years after. It’s a process, a continual process... “Lilac rain, unbroken chain
Song of the saw-whet owl
Out on the mountain, it'll drive you insane
Listening to the winds howl
Unbroken chain of sorrow and pearls
Unbroken chain of sky and sea
Unbroken chain of the western wind
Unbroken chain of you and me - Phil Lesh & Robert Peterson photo by my ♥️ @nickisebastian #midlandretreats #griefjourney

Spent the morning listening to the rain in LA while telling the kids about my experiences in Taos. They then told me all about how they lived in the sky, in the clouds for about a year until they saw peter and I in an airplane and knew we were their parents. They said they then waited another 2 months until they dropped to earth to be with us. They said there were lots of people they saw but when they saw us they knew we were the ones. Macy says we chose them and Oliver says they chose us. However any of it happened, still on cloud 9 from #midlandretreats and keeping my head and spirit in the clouds as long as I can ✨

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