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{Morning routines} they’re so important when it comes to your overall health both physical and mental. What I like best about growing and changing with this guy @emarcusbingham is that every 6 months we’re two totally different people. It’s awesome when you love each other enough that neither one of you is ever content with remaining the same. A big part of our morning routine has been going to the gym together 5 days. Yes, you read that right, 5 days a week we dedicate to our physical health and it’s amazing how it has spilled over into our mental health as well. #fitcouple #growingandchanging #businesspartner #40lbjourney #goals #goaldigger #blacklove

I can’t believe how fast it happened! At one point he was a foot shorter than us and then all of the sudden he stands shoulder to shoulder with his dad! @emarcusbingham They remind me so much of each other! E, you are a great dad and above all else, the best thing that you’ve done for your kids is pass your faith onto them. Thank you for being an example to our children! We love you and appreciate all you do for us. #blackfamily #blackdads #thebinghams #binghamboys

{Happy Birthday to me!} A year ago I didn’t know he existed. I’d heard whispers that I may have siblings from my biological father, but I’d never connected with anyone or even desired to because there was so much love in the family unit that I grew up in (my mom, stepdad and 2 siblings by marriage and 1 more when my mom remarried). I was so used to my funky family tree that I didn’t think to look beyond my bubble. I’m so glad though that God put it on my heart to reach out to my biological father late last year through Facebook... and before I knew it I’d clicked on all the Parker’s profiles and instantly there they were! The family I never knew I longed for and the brother(s) that I always needed. The one I clicked with right away [of course] 💰looks like my twin! Thank you Cash for taking time to come all the way from Washington to visit me [for the first time] and for spending time getting to know me and my boys! I think we both needed each other... two little lost brown kids (brother and sister) are now united forever! I’m looking forward to all 3 of my brothers meeting all 3 of my sons one day soon! What a day that will be!!

@emarcusbingham bought me this shirt because he said it describes me perfectly... I’m somewhere between 90s rap & Proverbs 31 wife! #proverbs31woman @prestonwoodbc #virtouswoman #upbeforedaylight #readthebible #90srap #nwa #bonethugsnharmony #djscrew

It’s been 12 years, I think he loves me now! Many years have come and gone and each one goes faster than the one before. We’ve hit goals together, we’ve missed goals together but what I love most is that we’re enjoying the journey. Cheers to you @emarcusbingham mi amor!! I’m looking forward to many more happy years together. #blacklove #blackfamily #lifetogether #thebinghams

Before I ask my kids to read, I make sure that my actions mirror the standards that I want them to emulate. #higherstandards #readandrepeat #coffeeandbooks #socialmediamom #momlife #teamstandards #binghamfamily #thebinghams #summerreading #lookinthemirror #matchalatte #extremeownership #jockowillink

We’re right around the corner from our 12 year anniversary and after all this time he still indulges me. I love making new friends and enjoying new experiences together. #popsicledate #thebinghams #fitparents

Summertime fun with #thebinghams

Saturday morning #fitmom workout with @ashleighcurry

Daddy is the first person he hugs every morning. @emarcusbingham How beautiful is that??! #dadlife #dadof3boys #sonofamillionaire #loveofmylife

I love this picture that @prestonwoodbc captured of us yesterday! I love our little Sunday routine. I think the kids appreciate the rhythm that we’ve created in our home. They always know what to expect when Sunday comes! ⛪ 🍩 #momlife #momof3boys #binghamfamily #binghamboys @emarcusbingham #focusonthefamily

We had a pretty cool experience this morning @letspaintwithkinfolkstudio The owner was so patient with the kids and he’s extremely creative! I’m glad Marquis got to practice one of his gifts today! We’re all about letting our boys pursue their passions. #paintingparty #kidactivities #momlife

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