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Dipping into the Dead Sea this morning at Sunrise after meditation felt like that.
As Dead Sea is the lowest point on the Planet known -500 m under Sea level. POWERFUL.
Reminding me the book of “The Voice of Earth” as the scientist dipped in a whole and got to communicate with Earth.
My friend @netaleelevy Thank you so much for taking the moment out of time with me. I’m feeling in a purest sense of Peace. I love you.
Art unknown credits ( if anyone knows 🙏🏻) source from my darling brother @iamdavidpereira I saw this on your story and I resonated.
#alive #gratitude #thepowerofnow #gaïa #planetearth #jetaime

Destiny- Work- Discipline- Faith- Work- Failure - Passion- Tears- many more and LOVE a combination that brought me there.
Dear Pole,... mmmm how to tell you... it’s very unique it’s very special.
With all my heart I Love You.
🙌🏼 .
Pc backstage @freskincare a company that not only open their doors to me, they do an amazing job with their products, they elevate and respect PoleDance at the same level as any other disciplines and this means a lot. They are amazing HUMANS!
#unitedbypole #poledancersofig #poledance #marioncrampe #dreamstoreality #photography #photooftheday #freskincare #backstage #determination #discipline #love #focus #elevated #workforyourdreams #ibelievedican #youtoo #lupitambassador #lupitpole

Inspirational humans #repost the legendary @flexiblebodyart .
The super woman is not only an incredible highly skilled contorsion artist, an efficient smart, worldwide recognized for her technique teacher. Otgo is a powerful strong fun sweet and magical soul.
I’m blessed to have crossed her path, learn from her and next month I will have the honor to visit and to discover her roots in the legendary bendy temple MONGOLIA.
Big massive special thank you to my dear @saru_kru for all your help to put this trip together. You are the best .
I can’t wait to share with you all, to experience , to exchange, to learn , to feel.
Oh yes yes I’m extremely overwhelmed .
One of this lifetime dreams is about to be real.
баярлалаа эгч нар 🙌🏼🙏🏻.
#mongolia #otgowaller #gratitude #dreamstoreality #flexibility #flexiblebodyart #contorsion #inspiringhumans

Shoutout immensely deserved to MINKA founder of @milakrasna .
Since years I admire her work. Since years we share friendship and life experiences.
She is this kind of human who thinks “out of the box” because there is no box.
She is always up to explore New.
Her energy is unique.
When I asked her to be part of @youniquestory, she agreed straight away.
Together we developped this project to create a very special piece.
As the Lapis stone was the face of this YOUNIQUE experience, Minka and her team created and printed a pattern of the stone. @davidonxo and I were in Wow.
Each soul of YOUNIQUE received a set of this incredible limited Nadja set.
Note: we decided to keep the edition very limited. Less than 4 sets are on sale. And that’s it. GET YOURS.
Fashion wear @milakrasna
PC @katarzyna_milewska
Artistic director hands @herelle
Credits @youniquestory .
#unitedbypole #milakrasna #fashion #activerwear #elegant #weareyounique #photooftheday #shiva #together #girona #believe #yourway #portrait #mode

Real fact: I wasn’t good at Ballet. (And the lyrical dance class I took this morning confirmed I have long way still 😅).
Not shaped for, not skilled for ... but I moved, tried, observed, I keep watching with admiration and respect.
Dancers from any style inspire me and for many and different reasons.
On pole I have a space to express my way that feeling that Ive been dreaming to achieve, to be, to master for years.
It’s not the same. It will never be.
It’s not less or more, better or whatever.
And that what makes all this seeking deeply passioning and keeps me high on love for what I do and beyond.
“If you have a beat inside you, then Dance is for you”
Source inspo the spectacular @jsph_inesss_ - @vbalete .
#selfjourney #bringitonthepole #marioncrampe #unityindiversity #dance #beat #trust #poledance #ballet #pole #yourway #whynot #believe #lupitpole #lupitambassador

Featuring @yanrevazov and his amazing team we created together along Yan's "Dance Nude project" in Berlin.
I took me very long to feel ready to publish those shots and slowly this time has come.
This session was one of the most intense in terms of workout and flexibility as I ever experienced before.
The exigence and dedication were at the very top.
Note: the wind in my hair and smoke are not photoshopped. With so much time and creativity we managed to make all happen at once.
Photo copyrighted (and chest snapped to follow medias rule🤘🏻).
Credits @yanrevazov and @marioncrampe
The all series is available for sale.
Contact us if interest for HD printings.
#fineart #fineartphotography #marioncrampe #artforsale #photography #photographer #photooftheday #nudeart #poledancersofig #dance #ballerina #body #dancenudeproject #rainbowmarchenko #nophotoshop

Lanzarote Ironman.
One week to go.
“It’s tapering bb tapering you know “. I know Rosellito .Ahahaha.
As each challenge you take you give it all full gas.
I’m so proud. So inspired for many reasons.
Time for tapering indeed. Listen carefully ok mada!!!!
Now around 189k humans know that you better do it to be pumped to the fullest next Saturday Ahahaha.
Je t’aime grand mada alien.
#teamhuf #ironman #tindermatch #cacahouetasdamour #ifitakethiswithnoeatingidontfeelgood #meditation And Love a lot .
Ps: glad you changed this bike,this one really look like you stole it from Mila @olaetio Hihihihi. #barbiebike

Try and try again.
Understand the calm in the “not that comfortable”. Make it yours and try again.
Breath. Isolate your muscles to engage in some parts at the same time as relax others especially face ( def not the easiest!)
Etc... some many things I tell and guide myself to during a photoshoot and/or a performance even during training to improve this aspect.
I believe each « performer/ model... » feels this to make the audience get the ease and still capture the essence of the work done to achieve it.
PC @pickledthoughts .
#poledancersofig #workout #training #repeat #poledance #performance #photography #flexibility #mastery #neverending #calm #artist #ballerina

Always .

There are many things to share about what just happened last week during @youniquestory .
A human experience we designed and created with my husband @davidonxo .
Several things I learnt. (literally so much to process).
As many for sure, beside a nourishing social life, I cherish personal “space” and time.
I have to admit that was one of the points I was a bit “could I?” about this project. I knew that it won’t be much time for that.
Indeed last week, I experienced having many souls around all day long, barely sleep, thinking logistics, cleaning, teaching, connecting ...FULL ON.
I’m strongly convinced that having super magical humans around helped so much. Everybody so respectful, taking the right space for each other to be, an energy that it’s still hard to describe with words...
The thing is I learnt that Im capable to find calm and peace also in company with a lot to do and to think.
I admire even more all organizers of big events. HANDS UP FOR REAL.

I know ( and so @davidonxo does) that daily Meditation has made me grow considerably and guides me to a better self. One that adapts, takes time... .
This picture speaks very well that state.
Surrender by gentle hands from others and at peace in my own space.
Since we shot with @katarzyna_milewska the Hands Project in August last year , I like to observe the “inner” work done.
To all of you ( you will know to whom) Thank you for teaching me.
#weareyounique .
PC @katarzyna_milewska
Gentle hands from @youniquestory family.
#photooftheday #portrait #gentlehands #meditation #selfjourney #weareyounique #unitedbypole #photography

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