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Marina Reznik  Enjoying life's little moments :-)

...feeling confident I can protect my loved ones during a zombie apocalypse... :-P

SOLD!!! :-D
They were listed for over 6 months with another agent. Then hired my team & I to get the job done. Only lasted 1 day on the market once we got it listed. That's why I love my team. We're #1 for a reason! Our results speak for themselves. :-)

..the contents of my purse struck me tonight.. as being quite.. multifaceted.. LOL :-P Life rewards a more wholistic approach. ;-)

...just another Wednesday at the office... LOL

..random friday night selfie from earlier at work.. :-P hellooooo facebook.. :-)

..cubism selfie.. lol

Got stuck in traffic crossing the HRBT after my listing appointment in Williamsburg. At least it was great scenery :-D

Snowmageddon preparations are in full effect in VA Beach.

A bright future ahead! :-P

Let the lights point us through to a new year... :-P

..when you come home Christmas eve with an ammo box, an inspirational teacher cup & a set of blinking lights.. you know it was a fun party.. LOL :-P

One reason the house hasn't sold yet: ...there's car parts & sadness in the front yard of the house next door... LOL

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