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Sry my hands can’t not move in front of my face uncontrollably

Why tf am I having a staring contest with this flower (I lost)

I “borrowed” my sisters new bikini top...sry @elena.cura -
I didn’t feel like going in the sand so here’s the beach pic for the week (you can kinda see the water so it counts)

I’m a slump. (Just Incase u were wondering my shirt looks really weird cuz it was in a knot before)

🌼Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint because he believed it would put happiness inside him🌼

Balancing was too hard so I gave up

Going for a ride on the wild side

But seriously

Happy Valentines Day💕

DISCLAIMER if you don’t enjoy my emotional rants and metaphors about life don’t read this: It’s ok to be the one dot of yellow in a small society of white because outside there are so many more people like you. So if you have a spark of yellow inside you don’t let our society shove you into the white. I think we have all gone through this (including me I’ll admit) but don’t be like everyone else and follow along. It takes a lot of courage to do and if you listen to what other people say you’re not going to be able to really be yourself. There has to be all these quotes about being yourself for a reason, so be it (if you’ve read this far than I love you) ok that’s all, I hope you enjoyed me exposing myself.


Jingle bell, JINGLE BALL, jingle all the way

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